1. 26

    अव्यक्तरेखामिव चन्द्ररेखां पांसुप्रदिग्धामिव हेमरेखाम् | क्षतप्ररूढामिव बाणरेखां वायुप्रभिन्नामिव मेघरेखाम् || ५-५-२६

    'She would be like a barely visible ray of the Moon, like a streak of gold covered with dust, like an unhealed scar of a wound caused by an arrow only superficially covered and like a flake of cloud swept off by the wind.' [5-5-26]

  2. 27

    सीतामपश्यन् मनुजेश्वरस्य रामस्य पत्नीं वदतां वरस्य | बभूव दुःखाभिहतश्चिरस्य प्लवङ्गमो मन्द इवाचिरस्य || ५-५-२७

    Hanuman stood griefstricken, having (unsuccessfully) searched for a long time for the wife of Rama, the lord of men. The highly eloquent was now despondent. For a while he looked dull and dejected. [5-5-27]