1. 56

    अङ्गदो नाम लक्ष्मीवान्वालिसूनुर्महाबलः | प्रस्थितः कपिशार्दूलस्त्रिभागबलसंवृतः || ५-३५-५६

    'An excellent monkey named Angada, possessed of fortune, son of Vali and having great strength, taking one third of army along with him, set out in search of you. [5-35-56]

  2. 57

    तेषां नो विप्रणष्टानां विन्ध्ये पर्वतसत्तमे | भृशं शोकपरीतानामहोरात्रगणा गताः || ५-३५-५७

    'We wasted many nights and days immersed in disappointment (for not being able to find you) and we missed our path in the great Vindhya mountain. [5-35-57]

  3. 58

    ते वयं कार्यनैराश्यात्कालस्यातिक्रमेण च | भयाच्च कपिराजस्य प्राणांस्त्यक्तुं व्यवस्थिताः || ५-३५-५८

    'We decided to give up our lives due to disappointment, transgression of the time limit fixed for us and fear of the monkey lord (fear of facing the king without finding you). [5-35-58]

  4. 59

    विचित्य वनदुर्गाणि गिरिप्रस्रवणानि च | अनासाद्य पदं देव्याः प्राणांस्त्यक्तुं समुद्यताः || ५-३५-५९

    'We decided to give up our lives since we were unable to see the feet of the queen (Sita) even after searching the forest fortresses and the (banks of) mountain streams. [5-35-59]

  5. 60

    दृष्ट्वा प्रायोपविष्टांश्च सर्वान्वानरपुङ्गवान् | भृशं शोकार्णवे मग्नः पर्यदेवयदङ्गदः || ५-३५-६०

    Seeing all the excellent monkeys sitting down and calmly awaiting for the approach of death, Angada was very much immerssed in the ocean of sorrow and lamented..... - [5-35-60]