1. 16

    दुन्दुभिस्वननिर्घोष स्स्निग्धवर्णः प्रतापवान् | समस्समविभक्ताङ्गो वर्णं श्यामं समाश्रितः || ५-३५-१६

    'His tone is resonant like drums, he has a beautiful, dark, shining complexion. He has symmetrical, well proportioned limbs. He is neither too tall nor too short. [5-35-16]

  2. 17

    त्रिस्थिरस्त्रिप्रलम्बश्च त्रिसमस्त्रिषु चोन्नतः | त्रिताम्रस्त्रिषु च स्निग्धो गम्भीरस्त्रिषु नित्यशः || ५-३५-१७

    'He is ever firm in three limbs (viz. the breast, waist and fist), long in three (viz. the breast, waist and fist), long in three (viz. the eyebrows, arms and soles), uniform in three (viz. his locks, testical and knees, elevated in three (viz. his breast, rim of his navel and lower abdomen), coppery in three of the navel and the lower abdomen), coppery in three (viz. the rims of his eyes, nails, palms and soles), soft in three (viz. the lines on his soles, hair and the end of the membrane virile) and always deep in three (viz. the voice, gait and the navel). [5-35-17]

  3. 18

    त्रिवलीवांस्त्र्यवनतश्चतुर्व्यङ्गस्त्रिशीर्षवान् | चतुष्कलश्चतुर्लेखश्चतुष्किष्कुश्चतुस्समः || ५-३५-१८

    'He has three folds in the skin of his neck and belly, is depressed in the middle of his soles and the nipples, undersized at four placesthe neck, penis, shanks and back, has three spirals on his head, has four lines under his thumb, has four lines on his forehead, he is a person with four cubits in height and symmetrical arms, cheeks and thighs. [5-35-18]

  4. 19

    चतुर्दशसमद्वन्द्वश्चतुर्दंष्ट्रश्चतुर्गतिः | महोष्ठहनुनासश्च पञ्चस्निग्धोऽष्टवंशवान् || ५-३५-१९

    'He is a person with his pairs of eyebrows, nostrils, eyes, ears, lips, nipples, elbows, wrists, knees, testicles, loins, arms, legs and buttocks in good symmetry he has four sharp teeth. He walks in different gaits like a lion, leopard, elephant and bull as occasion demands he has sharp nose, charming lips and jaws. He has smooth hair, eyes, skin, teeth and feet and his eight parts of his body namely back, trunk, limbs, fingers, toes, eyes and testicles are long. [5-35-19]

  5. 20

    दशपद्मो दशबृहत्त्रिभिर्व्याप्तो द्विशुक्लवान् | षडुन्नतो नवतनुस्त्रिभिर्व्याप्नोति राघवः || ५-३५-२०

    'Rama has ten lotus-like limbs (viz. the countenance, the mouth, the eyes, the tongue, lips, palate, breasts, nails, the hands and the feet). He has ten ample limbs (viz. the chest, the head, the forehead, the neck, the arms, the heart, the mouth the feet, the back and the ears). He is spread through by reason of three (viz. splendour, renown and glory). He is doubly pure (on father's and mother's side). He is elevated in six limbs (viz. the flanks, the abdomen, the breast, the nose, the shoulders and the forehead). He is small, thin, fine or sharp in nine (viz. the hair, the moustaches and the beard, nails the hair on the body, the skin, the finger-joints, the membrum virile, acumen and perception). He pursues religious merit, worldly riches and the sensuous delight in three periods (viz. the forenoon, midday and afternoon). [5-35-20]