1. 6

    का त्वं भवसि रुद्राणां मरुतां वा वरानने | वसूनां हि वरारोहे देवता प्रतिभासि मे || ५-३३-६

    'O beautiful lady Do you belong to the race of Rudras, or Marutas, or Vasus?. O noble lady, you appear a goddess to me. [5-33-6]

  2. 7

    कि नु चन्द्रमसा हीना पतिता विबुधालयात् | रोहिणी ज्योतिषां श्रेष्ठा श्रेष्ठसर्वगुणान्विता || ५-३३-७

    'are you Rohini, embellished with best virtues among the constellations? Have you come down from the abode of the luminaries separated from the Moon, her lord? [5-33-7]

  3. 8

    का त्वं भवसि कल्याणि त्वमनिन्दितलोचने | कोपाद्वा यदि वा मोहाद्भर्तारमसितेक्षणे || ५-३३-८

    'O lady of lovely black eyes who are you? Have you by any chance offended your husband out of anger or out of delusion? [5-33-8]

  4. 9

    वसिष्ठं कोपयित्वा त्वं नासि कल्याण्यरुन्धती | को नु पुत्रः पिता भ्राता भर्ता वा ते सुमध्यमे || ५-३३-९

    'Are you the auspicious Arundhati dislodged for making your lord Vasistha angry? O woman of beautiful waist who is your son, father, brother or husband? [5-33-9]

  5. 10

    अस्माल्लोकादमुं लोकं गतं त्वमनुशोचसि | रोदनादतिनिश्श्वासाद्भूमिसंस्पर्शनादपि || ५-३३-१०

    'Are you worrying about some one dead? From which world have you come here? For whom are you worrying? From your weeping, your sighing and your touching the earth (gods do not touch the earth)..... - [5-33-10]