1. 16

    विराधो दण्डकारण्ये येन राक्षसपुङ्गवः | रणे रामेण निहतः स मां किं नाभिपद्यते || ५-२६-१६

    'Why is Rama who killed Viradha, a bull among demons, in Dandaka forest in the fight not coming to rescue me? [5-26-16]

  2. 17

    कामं मध्ये समुद्रस्य लङ्केयं दुष्प्रधर्षणा | न तु राघवबाणानां गतिरोधो भविष्यति || ५-२६-१७

    'This Lanka in the middle of the ocean is unassailable. But there is nothing which can resist the arrows of Rama. [5-26-17]

  3. 18

    किं नु तत्कारणं येन रामो दृढपराक्रमः | रक्षसापहृतां भार्यामिष्टां नाभ्यवपद्यते || ५-२६-१८

    'What may be the reason that my loving husband, Rama who is highly powerful has not reached this place to which I was abducted by the demon. [5-26-18]

  4. 19

    इहस्थां मां न जानीते शङ्के लक्ष्मणपूर्वजः | जानन्नपि स तेजस्वी धर्षणं मर्षयिष्यति || ५-२६-१९

    'The elder brother of Lakshamana does not know that I am here. Or, I'm afraid, the glorious Rama knows and yet tolerates such an outrageous act. [5-26-19]

  5. 20

    हृतेति योऽधिगत्वा मां राघवाय निवेदयेत् | गृध्रारजोऽपि स रणे रावणेन निपातितः || ५-२६-२०

    'Even the king of vultures knows I was borne away. He could have informed Rama. But he has also been thrashed down on the earth by Ravana in the fight. [5-26-20]