1. 21

    वप्रप्राकारजघनां विपुलाम्बुनवाम्बराम् | शतघ्नीशूलकेशान्तामट्टालकवतंसकाम् || ५-२-२१

    (It was looking like) Lanka as a lady with its ramparts as her hips and loins, moats filled with water as her robes, the spiked iron tridents as her locks of hair, and the tall towers as her earrings. [5-2-21]

  2. 22

    मनसेव कृतां लङ्कां निर्मितां विश्वकर्मणा | द्वारमुत्तरमासाद्य चिन्तयामास वानरः || ५-२-२२

    Having reached the northern entrance of the city he (Hanuman) started thinking that Vishvakarma must have conceived it like that. [5-2-22]

  3. 23

    कैलासशिखरप्रख्यामालिखन्तीमिवाम्बरम् | डीयमानामिवाकाशमुच्छ्रितैर्भवनोत्तमैः || ५-२-२३

    Observing Lanka that resembled mount Kailas as though touching the sky, as though flying to reach the sky, with its best mansions,..... - [5-2-23]

  4. 24

    सम्पूर्णां राक्षसैर्घोरैर्नागैर्भोगवतीमिव | अचिन्त्यां सुकृतां स्पष्टां कुबेराध्युषितां पुरा || ५-२-२४

    - filled with dreadful demons as nagas protecting the city of Bhogavati (the city of Patala), unimaginably wellbuilt. It was once occupied by Kubera (half brother of Ravana). [5-2-24]

  5. 25

    दंष्ट्रिभिर्बहुभिः शूरैः शूलपट्टसपाणिभिः | रक्षितां राक्षसैर्घोरैर्गुहामाशीविषैरिव || ५-२-२५

    It was guarded by horrible demons holding tridents and spears in their hands. The city appeared like a cavern protected by venomous serpents with protruding fangs. [5-2-25]