1. 36

    बाष्पाम्बुपरिपूर्णेन कृष्णवक्राक्षिपक्ष्मणा | वदनेनाप्रसन्नेन निःश्वसन्तीं पुनः पुनः || ५-१५-३६

    - with her dark, curved eyelashes. Her unhappy face was streaming with tears and sighing again and again. [5-15-36]

  2. 37

    मलपङ्कधरां दीनां मण्डनार्हाममण्डिताम् | प्रभां नक्षत्रराजस्य कालमेघैरिवावृताम् || ५-१५-३७

    Covered with dirt and mud and shorn of adornments even though she deserved them, she looked wretched like the radiance of the Moon muffled by dark clouds. [5-15-37]

  3. 38

    तस्य संदिदिहे बुद्धिर्मुहुः सीतां निरीक्ष्य तु | आम्नायानामयोगेन विद्यां प्रशिथिलामिव || ५-१५-३८

    Hanuman did recognise Sita after looking at her carefully again and again even as one is able to make out knowledge of shastriclore forgotten with lapse of time and lack of practice. [5-15-38]

  4. 39

    दुःखेन बुबुधे सीतां हनुमाननलङ्कृताम् | संस्कारेण यथा हीनां वाचमर्थान्तरं गताम् || ५-१५-३९

    Just as an unclear expression which has undergone certain changes in meaning due to lack of usage over a long period is understood by virtue of previous practice so also Hanuman had difficulty in recognising Sita who was devoid of any decoration. [5-15-39]

  5. 40

    तां समीक्षय विशालाक्षीं राजपुत्रीमनिन्दिताम् | तर्कयामास सीतेति कारणैरुपपादिभिः || ५-१५-४०

    After close observation of different signs and deliberation with reasons he came to the conclusion that the large-eyed lady is the same blameless princess Sita. [5-15-40]