1. 6

    परमास्तरणास्तीर्णमाविकाजिनसंवृतम् | दामभिर्वरमाल्यानां समन्तादुपशोभितम् || ५-१०-६

    It was upholstered with the best of bedspreads made of soft sheep skin and adorned with beautiful strings of flower garlands. [5-10-6]

  2. 7

    तस्मिन् जीमूतसंकाशं प्रदीप्तोत्तमकुण्डलम् | लोहिताक्षं महाबाहुं महारजतवाससम् || ५-१०-७

    Sleeping with huge bloodshot eyes looking like a cloud, he (Ravana) was adorned with flashing earrings, and clad in robes of silver texture. [5-10-7]

  3. 8

    लोहितेनानुलिप्ताङ्गं चन्दनेन सुगन्धिना | सन्ध्यारक्तमिवाकाशे तोयदं सतटिद्गणम् || ५-१०-८

    His body was smeared with red sandal paste of sweet fragrance. Therefore, he looked like a cloud reddened by twilight and flashing with the lightning..... - [5-10-8]

  4. 9

    वृतमाभरणैर्दिव्यैः सुरूपं कामरूपिणम् | सवृक्षवनगुल्माढ्यं प्रसुप्तमिव मन्दरम् || ५-१०-९

    - of his divine ornaments. He was handsome and could assume any form at will. He looked like Mandara mountain surrounded thickly with trees and wild bushes. [5-10-9]

  5. 10

    क्रीडित्वोपरतं रात्रौ वराभरणभूषितम् | प्रियं राक्षसकन्यानां राक्षसानां सुखावहम् || ५-१०-१०

    Decked with exquisite ornaments, he was resting after dalliance at night. He was the beloved of the ogresses and bringer of joy to the demons. [5-10-10]