1. 176

    वज्राशनिसमाघातैः पावकैरुपशोभिते | कृतपुण्यैर्महाभागैः स्वर्गजिद्भिरलङ्कृते || ५-१-१७६

    It was splendid with god at fire who strikes fiercely like thunderbolt. It was inhabited by great sages who had acquired merit and by accomplished people those who conquered heaven. [5-1-176]

  2. 177

    वहता हव्यमत्यर्धं सेविते चित्रभानुना | ग्रहनक्षत्रचन्द्रार्कतारागण विभूषिते || ५-१-१७७

    The region was traversed by firegod who carried havis in large quantities earnestly. It was decorated with planets, constellations, Moon, Sun and clusters of stars. [5-1-177]

  3. 178

    महर्षिगणगन्धर्वनागयक्षसमाकुले | विविक्ते विमले विश्वे विश्वावसुनिषेविते || ५-१-१७८

    It was filled with groups of greal sages, gandharvas, nagas and yakshas. It was isolated part of the universe traversed by the king of gandharvas like Vishvavasu. [5-1-178]

  4. 179

    देवराजगजाक्रान्ते चन्द्रसूर्यपथे शिवे | विताने जीवलोकस्य वितते ब्रह्मनिर्मिते || ५-१-१७९

    It was an auspicious path for Moon and Sun, a sporting ground for Airavata, the vehicle of lord Indra. It was an extensive world of living beings created by Brahma. [5-1-179]

  5. 180

    बहुशः सेविते वीरैर्विद्याधरगणैर्वरैः | जगाम वायुमार्गे तु गरुत्मानिव मारुतिः || ५-१-१८०

    It was frequented by many heroes ascending to heaven and blocked by vidyadharas. Maaruti (Hanuman) passed through the path of wind like Garuda. [5-1-180]