1. 126

    स मामुपागतः क्रुद्धो वज्रमुद्यम्य देवराट् | ततोऽहं सहसा क्षिप्तः श्वसनेन महात्मना || ५-१-१२६

    Angry Indra held the thunderbolt and came towards me chasing. At that time the great Wind-god tossed me into the air and dropped me down at once. [5-1-126]

  2. 127

    अस्मिन्लवणतोये च प्रक्षिप्तः प्लवगोत्तम | गुप्तपक्षसमग्रश्च तव पित्राभिरक्षितः || ५-१-१२७

    'O distinguished vanara your father, the Wind-god threw me down into this saltwater sea. Thus my wings were protected. [5-1-127]

  3. 128

    ततोऽहं मानयामि त्वां मान्यो हि मम मारुतः | त्वया मे ह्येष सम्बन्धः कपिमुख्य महागुणः || ५-१-१२८

    'O esteemed vanara the Windgod is revered by me and so I honour you. O chief of monkeys, my bondage with you is therefore of high value to me, indeed. [5-1-128]

  4. 129

    अस्मिन्नेवंगते कार्ये सागरस्य ममैव च | प्रीतिं प्रीतमनाः कर्तुं त्वमर्हसि महाकपे || ५-१-१२९

    'O great monkey when I hold you so high, you ought to oblige me and the (god of the) ocean wholeheartedly (and accept our hospitality). [5-1-129]

  5. 130

    श्रमं मोक्षय पूजां च गृहाण कपिसत्तम | प्रीतिं च बहुमन्यस्व प्रीतोऽस्मि तव दर्शनात् || ५-१-१३०

    O noble monkey oblige us by accepting our offering given with love and be relieved of your fatigue. Your presence itself is welcome to me.' [5-1-130]