1. 46

    भ्रातृभिर्नन्दितः सोऽपि सोत्सवां प्राविशत्पुरीम् । प्रविश्य राजभवनं गुरुपत्नीः स्वमातरम् ।। ९-१०-४६ ।।

    Thereafter, having been welcomed by His brother Bharata, Lord Rāmacandra entered the city of Ayodhyā in the midst of a festival. When He entered the palace, He offered obeisances to all the mothers, including Kaikeyī and the other wives of Mahārāja Daśaratha, and especially His own mother, Kauśalyā. ।। 9-10-46 ।।

  2. 47

    गुरून् वयस्यावरजान् पूजितः प्रत्यपूजयत् । वैदेही लक्ष्मणश्चैव यथावत्समुपेयतुः ।। ९-१०-४७ ।।

    He also offered obeisances to the spiritual preceptors, such as Vasiṣṭha. Friends of His own age and younger friends worshiped Him, and He returned their respectful obeisances, as did Lakṣmaṇa and mother Sītā. In this way they all entered the palace. ।। 9-10-47 ।।

  3. 48

    पुत्रान् स्वमातरस्तास्तु प्राणांस्तन्व इवोत्थिताः । आरोप्याङ्केऽभिषिञ्चन्त्यो बाष्पौघैर्विजहुः शुचः ।। ९-१०-४८ ।।

    Upon seeing their sons, the mothers of Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata and Śatrughna immediately arose, like unconscious bodies returning to consciousness. The mothers placed their sons on their laps and bathed Them with tears, thus relieving themselves of the grief of long separation. ।। 9-10-48 ।।

  4. 49

    जटा निर्मुच्य विधिवत्कुलवृद्धैः समं गुरुः । अभ्यषिञ्चद्यथैवेन्द्रं चतुःसिन्धुजलादिभिः ।। ९-१०-४९ ।।

    The family priest or spiritual master, Vasiṣṭha, had Lord Rāmacandra cleanly shaved, freeing Him from His matted locks of hair. Then, with the cooperation of the elderly members of the family, he performed the bathing ceremony [abhiṣeka] for Lord Rāmacandra with the water of the four seas and with other substances, just as it was performed for King Indra. ।। 9-10-49 ।।

  5. 50

    एवं कृतशिरःस्नानः सुवासाः स्रग्व्यलङ्कृतः । स्वलङ्कृतैः सुवासोभिर्भ्रातृभिर्भार्यया बभौ ।। ९-१०-५० ।।

    Lord Rāmacandra, fully bathed and His head clean-shaven, dressed Himself very nicely and was decorated with a garland and ornaments. Thus He shone brightly, surrounded by His brothers and wife, who were similarly dressed and ornamented. ।। 9-10-50 ।।