1. 31

    एष मे प्रापितः स्थानं दुष्प्रापममरैरपि । सावर्णेरन्तरस्यायं भवितेन्द्रो मदाश्रयः ।। ८-२२-३१ ।।

    The Lord continued: Because of his great tolerance, I have given him a place not obtainable even by the demigods. He will become King of the heavenly planets during the period of the Manu known as Sāvarṇi. ।। 8-22-31 ।।

  2. 32

    तावत्सुतलमध्यास्तां विश्वकर्मविनिर्मितम् । यन्नाधयो व्याधयश्च क्लमस्तन्द्रा पराभवः । नोपसर्गा निवसतां सम्भवन्ति ममेक्षया ।। ८-२२-३२ ।।

    Until Bali Mahārāja achieves the position of King of heaven, he shall live on the planet Sutala, which was made by Viśvakarmā according to My order. Because it is especially protected by Me, it is free from mental and bodily miseries, fatigue, dizziness, defeat and all other disturbances. Bali Mahārāja, you may now go live there peacefully. ।। 8-22-32 ।।

  3. 33

    इन्द्रसेन महाराज याहि भो भद्रमस्तु ते । सुतलं स्वर्गिभिः प्रार्थ्यं ज्ञातिभिः परिवारितः ।। ८-२२-३३ ।।

    O Bali Mahārāja [Indrasena], now you may go to the planet Sutala, which is desired even by the demigods. Live there peacefully, surrounded by your friends and relatives. All good fortune unto you. ।। 8-22-33 ।।

  4. 34

    न त्वामभिभविष्यन्ति लोकेशाः किमुतापरे । त्वच्छासनातिगान् दैत्यांश्चक्रं मे सूदयिष्यति ।। ८-२२-३४ ।।

    On the planet Sutala, not even the predominating deities of other planets, what to speak of ordinary people, will be able to conquer you. As far as the demons are concerned, if they transgress your rule, My disc will kill them. ।। 8-22-34 ।।

  5. 35

    रक्षिष्ये सर्वतोऽहं त्वां सानुगं सपरिच्छदम् । सदा सन्निहितं वीर तत्र मां द्रक्ष्यते भवान् ।। ८-२२-३५ ।।

    O great hero, I shall always be with you and give you protection in all respects along with your associates and paraphernalia. Moreover, you will always be able to see Me there. ।। 8-22-35 ।।