1. 11

    आतिष्ठत सतां मार्गं कोपं यच्छत दीपितम् । पित्रा पितामहेनापि जुष्टं वः प्रपितामहैः ।। ६-४-११ ।।

    The path of goodness traversed by your father, grandfather and great-grandfathers is that of maintaining the subjects [prajās], including the men, animals and trees. That is the path you should follow. Unnecessary anger is contrary to your duty. Therefore I request you to control your anger. ।। 6-4-11 ।।

  2. 12

    तोकानां पितरौ बन्धू दृशः पक्ष्म स्त्रियाः पतिः । पतिः प्रजानां भिक्षूणां गृह्यज्ञानां बुधः सुहृत् ।। ६-४-१२ ।।

    As the father and mother are the friends and maintainers of their children, as the eyelid is the protector of the eye, as the husband is the maintainer and protector of a woman, as the householder is the maintainer and protector of beggars, and as the learned is the friend of the ignorant, so the king is the protector and giver of life to all his subjects. The trees are also subjects of the king. Therefore they should be given protection. ।। 6-4-12 ।।

  3. 13

    अन्तर्देहेषु भूतानामात्माऽऽस्ते हरिरीश्वरः । सर्वं तद्धिष्ण्यमीक्षध्वमेवं वस्तोषितो ह्यसौ ।। ६-४-१३ ।।

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead is situated as the Supersoul within the cores of the hearts of all living entities, whether moving or nonmoving, including men, birds, animals, trees and, indeed, all living entities. Therefore you should consider every body a residence or temple of the Lord. By such vision you will satisfy the Lord. You should not angrily kill these living entities in the forms of trees. ।। 6-4-13 ।।

  4. 14

    यः समुत्पतितं देह आकाशान्मन्युमुल्बणम् । आत्मजिज्ञासया यच्छेत्स गुणानतिवर्तते ।। ६-४-१४ ।।

    One who inquires into self-realization and thus subdues his powerful anger — which awakens suddenly in the body as if falling from the sky — transcends the influence of the modes of material nature. ।। 6-4-14 ।।

  5. 15

    अलं दग्धैर्द्रुमैर्दीनैः खिलानां शिवमस्तु वः । वार्क्षी ह्येषा वरा कन्या पत्नीत्वे प्रतिगृह्यताम् ।। ६-४-१५ ।।

    There is no need to burn these poor trees any longer. Let whatever trees still remain be happy. Indeed, you should also be happy. Now, here is a beautiful, well-qualified girl named Māriṣā, who was raised by the trees as their daughter. You may accept this beautiful girl as your wife. ।। 6-4-15 ।।