1. 21

    यथोर्णनाभिर्हृदयादूर्णां सन्तत्य वक्त्रतः । तया विहृत्य भूयस्तां ग्रसत्येवं महेश्वरः ।। ११-९-२१ ।।

    Just as from within himself the spider expands thread through his mouth, plays with it for some time and eventually swallows it, similarly, the Supreme Personality of Godhead expands His personal potency from within Himself. Thus, the Lord displays the network of cosmic manifestation, utilizes it according to His purpose and eventually withdraws it completely within Himself. ।। 11-9-21 ।।

  2. 22

    यत्र यत्र मनो देही धारयेत्सकलं धिया । स्नेहाद्द्वेषाद्भयाद्वापि याति तत्तत्स्वरूपताम् ।। ११-९-२२ ।।

    If out of love, hate or fear an embodied soul fixes his mind with intelligence and complete concentration upon a particular bodily form, he will certainly attain the form that he is meditating upon. ।। 11-9-22 ।।

  3. 23

    कीटः पेशस्कृतं ध्यायन् कुड्यां तेन प्रवेशितः । याति तत्सात्मतां राजन् पूर्वरूपमसन्त्यजन् ।। ११-९-२३ ।।

    O King, once a wasp forced a weaker insect to enter his hive and kept him trapped there. In great fear the weak insect constantly meditated upon his captor, and without giving up his body, he gradually achieved the same state of existence as the wasp. Thus one achieves a state of existence according to one’s constant concentration. ।। 11-9-23 ।।

  4. 24

    एवं गुरुभ्य एतेभ्य एषा मे शिक्षिता मतिः । स्वात्मोपशिक्षितां बुद्धिं श‍ृणु मे वदतः प्रभो ।। ११-९-२४ ।।

    O King, from all these spiritual masters I have acquired great wisdom. Now please listen as I explain what I learned from my own body. ।। 11-9-24 ।।

  5. 25

    देहो गुरुर्मम विरक्तिविवेकहेतुः बिभ्रत्स्म सत्त्वनिधनं सततार्त्युदर्कम् । तत्त्वान्यनेन विमृशामि यथा तथापि पारक्यमित्यवसितो विचराम्यसङ्गः ।। ११-९-२५ ।।

    The material body is also my spiritual master because it teaches me detachment. Being subject to creation and destruction, it always comes to a painful end. Thus, although using my body to acquire knowledge, I always remember that it will ultimately be consumed by others, and remaining detached, I move about this world. ।। 11-9-25 ।।