1. 41

    द्युपतय एव ते न ययुरन्तमनन्ततया त्वमपि यदन्तराण्डनिचया ननु सावरणाः । ख इव रजांसि वान्ति वयसा सह यच्छ्रुतयः त्वयि हि फलन्त्यतन्निरसनेन भवन्निधनाः ।। १०-८७-४१ ।।

    Because You are unlimited, neither the lords of heaven nor even You Yourself can ever reach the end of Your glories. The countless universes, each enveloped in its shell, are compelled by the wheel of time to wander within You, like particles of dust blowing about in the sky. The śrutis, following their method of eliminating everything separate from the Supreme, become successful by revealing You as their final conclusion. ।। 10-87-41 ।।

  2. 42

    श्रीभगवानुवाच इत्येतद्ब्रह्मणः पुत्रा आश्रुत्यात्मानुशासनम् । सनन्दनमथानर्चुः सिद्धा ज्ञात्वाऽऽत्मनो गतिम् ।। १०-८७-४२ ।।

    The Supreme Lord, Śrī Nārāyaṇa Ṛṣi, said: Having heard these instructions about the Supreme Self, the Personality of Godhead, the sons of Brahmā now understood their final destination. They felt perfectly satisfied and honored Sanandana with their worship. ।। 10-87-42 ।।

  3. 43

    इत्यशेषसमाम्नायपुराणोपनिषद्रसः । समुद्धृतः पूर्वजातैर्व्योमयानैर्महात्मभिः ।। १०-८७-४३ ।।

    Thus the ancient saints who travel in the upper heavens distilled this nectarean and confidential essence of all the Vedas and Purāṇas. ।। 10-87-43 ।।

  4. 44

    त्वं चैतद्ब्रह्मदायाद श्रद्धयाऽऽत्मानुशासनम् । धारयंश्चर गां कामं कामानां भर्जनं नृणाम् ।। १०-८७-४४ ।।

    And as you wander the earth at will, My dear son of Brahmā, you should faithfully meditate on these instructions concerning the science of the Self, which burn up the material desires of all men. ।। 10-87-44 ।।

  5. 45

    श्रीशुक उवाच एवं स ऋषिणाऽऽदिष्टं गृहीत्वा श्रद्धयाऽऽत्मवान् । पूर्णः श्रुतधरो राजन्नाह वीरव्रतो मुनिः ।। १०-८७-४५ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: When Śrī Nārāyaṇa Ṛṣi ordered him in this way, the self-possessed sage Nārada, whose vow is as heroic as a warrior’s, accepted the command with firm faith. Now successful in all his purposes, he thought about what he had heard, O King, and replied to the Lord as follows. ।। 10-87-45 ।।