1. 31

    अहोऽतिधन्या व्रजगोरमण्यः स्तन्यामृतं पीतमतीव ते मुदा । यासां विभो वत्सतरात्मजात्मना यत्तृप्तयेऽद्यापि न चालमध्वराः ।। १०-१४-३१ ।।

    O almighty Lord, how greatly fortunate are the cows and ladies of Vṛndāvana, the nectar of whose breast milk You have happily drunk to Your full satisfaction, taking the form of their calves and children! All the Vedic sacrifices performed from time immemorial up to the present day have not given You as much satisfaction. ।। 10-14-31 ।।

  2. 32

    अहोभाग्यमहोभाग्यं नन्दगोपव्रजौकसाम् । यन्मित्रं परमानन्दं पूर्णं ब्रह्म सनातनम् ।। १०-१४-३२ ।।

    How greatly fortunate are Nanda Mahārāja, the cowherd men and all the other inhabitants of Vrajabhūmi! There is no limit to their good fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the source of transcendental bliss, the eternal Supreme Brahman, has become their friend. ।। 10-14-32 ।।

  3. 33

    एषां तु भाग्यमहिमाच्युत तावदास्तामेकादशैव हि वयं बत भूरिभागाः । एतद्धृषीकचषकैरसकृत्पिबामः शर्वादयोऽङ्घ्र्युदजमध्वमृतासवं ते ।। १०-१४-३३ ।।

    Yet even though the extent of the good fortune of these residents of Vṛndāvana is inconceivable, we eleven presiding deities of the various senses, headed by Lord Śiva, are also most fortunate, because the senses of these devotees of Vṛndāvana are the cups through which we repeatedly drink the nectarean, intoxicating beverage of the honey of Your lotus feet. ।। 10-14-33 ।।

  4. 34

    तद्भूरिभाग्यमिह जन्म किमप्यटव्यां यद्गोकुलेऽपि कतमाङ्घ्रिरजोऽभिषेकम् । यज्जीवितं तु निखिलं भगवान् मुकुन्दः त्वद्यापि यत्पदरजः श्रुतिमृग्यमेव ।। १०-१४-३४ ।।

    My greatest possible good fortune would be to take any birth whatever in this forest of Gokula and have my head bathed by the dust falling from the lotus feet of any of its residents. Their entire life and soul is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Mukunda, the dust of whose lotus feet is still being searched for in the Vedic mantras. ।। 10-14-34 ।।

  5. 35

    एषां घोषनिवासिनामुत भवान् किं देव रातेति नः चेतो विश्वफलात्फलं त्वदपरं कुत्राप्ययन् मुह्यति । सद्वेषादिव पूतनापि सकुला त्वामेव देवापिता यद्धामार्थसुहृत्प्रियात्मतनयप्राणाशयास्त्वत्कृते ।। १०-१४-३५ ।।

    My mind becomes bewildered just trying to think of what reward other than You could be found anywhere. You are the embodiment of all benedictions, which You bestow upon these residents of the cowherd community of Vṛndāvana. You have already arranged to give Yourself to Pūtanā and her family members in exchange for her disguising herself as a devotee. So what is left for You to give these devotees of Vṛndāvana, whose homes, wealth, friends, dear relations, bodies, children and very lives and hearts are all dedicated only to You? ।। 10-14-35 ।।