1. 6

    भगीरथ उवाच साधवो न्यासिनः शान्ता ब्रह्मिष्ठा लोकपावनाः । हरन्त्यघं तेऽङ्गसङ्गात्तेष्वास्ते ह्यघभिद्धरिः ।। ९-९-६ ।।

    Bhagīratha said: Those who are saintly because of devotional service and are therefore in the renounced order, free from material desires, and who are pure devotees, expert in following the regulative principles mentioned in the Vedas, are always glorious and pure in behavior and are able to deliver all fallen souls. When such pure devotees bathe in your water, the sinful reactions accumulated from other people will certainly be counteracted, for such devotees always keep in the core of their hearts the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who can vanquish all sinful reactions. ।। 9-9-6 ।।

  2. 7

    धारयिष्यति ते वेगं रुद्रस्त्वात्मा शरीरिणाम् । यस्मिन्नोतमिदं प्रोतं विश्वं शाटीव तन्तुषु ।। ९-९-७ ।।

    Like a cloth woven of threads extending for its length and breadth, this entire universe, in all its latitude and longitude, is situated under different potencies of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Śiva is the incarnation of the Lord, and thus he represents the Supersoul in the embodied soul. He can sustain your forceful waves on his head. ।। 9-9-7 ।।

  3. 8

    इत्युक्त्वा स नृपो देवं तपसातोषयच्छिवम् । कालेनाल्पीयसा राजंस्तस्येशः समतुष्यत ।। ९-९-८ ।।

    After saying this, Bhagīratha satisfied Lord Śiva by performing austerities. O King Parīkṣit, Lord Śiva was very quickly satisfied with Bhagīratha. ।। 9-9-8 ।।

  4. 9

    तथेति राज्ञाभिहितं सर्वलोकहितः शिवः । दधारावहितो गङ्गां पादपूतजलां हरेः ।। ९-९-९ ।।

    When King Bhagīratha approached Lord Śiva and requested him to sustain the forceful waves of the Ganges, Lord Śiva accepted the proposal by saying, “Let it be so.” Then, with great attention, he sustained the Ganges on his head, for the water of the Ganges is purifying, having emanated from the toes of Lord Viṣṇu. ।। 9-9-9 ।।

  5. 10

    भगीरथः स राजर्षिर्निन्ये भुवनपावनीम् । यत्र स्वपितॄणां देहा भस्मीभूताः स्म शेरते ।। ९-९-१० ।।

    The great and saintly king Bhagīratha brought the Ganges, which can deliver all the fallen souls, to that place on earth where the bodies of his forefathers lay burnt to ashes. ।। 9-9-10 ।।