1. 41

    ततो दशरथस्तस्मात्पुत्र ऐडविडिस्ततः । राजा विश्वसहो यस्य खट्वाङ्गश्चक्रवर्त्यभूत् ।। ९-९-४१ ।।

    From Bālika came a son named Daśaratha, from Daśaratha came a son named Aiḍaviḍi, and from Aiḍaviḍi came King Viśvasaha. The son of King Viśvasaha was the famous Mahārāja Khaṭvāṅga. ।। 9-9-41 ।।

  2. 42

    यो देवैरर्थितो दैत्यानवधीद्युधि दुर्जयः । मुहूर्तमायुर्ज्ञात्वैत्य स्वपुरं सन्दधे मनः ।। ९-९-४२ ।।

    King Khaṭvāṅga was unconquerable in any fight. Requested by the demigods to join them in fighting the demons, he won victory, and the demigods, being very pleased, wanted to give him a benediction. The King inquired from them about the duration of his life and was informed that he had only one moment more. Thus he immediately left his palace and went to his own residence, where he engaged his mind fully on the lotus feet of the Lord. ।। 9-9-42 ।।

  3. 43

    न मे ब्रह्मकुलात्प्राणाः कुलदैवान्न चात्मजाः । न श्रियो न मही राज्यं न दाराश्चातिवल्लभाः ।। ९-९-४३ ।।

    Mahārāja Khaṭvāṅga thought: Not even my life is dearer to me than the brahminical culture and the brāhmaṇas, who are worshiped by my family. What then is to be said of my kingdom, land, wife, children and opulence? Nothing is dearer to me than the brāhmaṇas. ।। 9-9-43 ।।

  4. 44

    न बाल्येऽपि मतिर्मह्यमधर्मे रमते क्वचित् । नापश्यमुत्तमश्लोकादन्यत्किञ्चन वस्त्वहम् ।। ९-९-४४ ।।

    I was never attracted, even in my childhood, by insignificant things or irreligious principles. I did not find anything more substantial than the Supreme Personality of Godhead. ।। 9-9-44 ।।

  5. 45

    देवैः कामवरो दत्तो मह्यं त्रिभुवनेश्वरैः । न वृणे तमहं कामं भूतभावनभावनः ।। ९-९-४५ ।।

    The demigods, the directors of the three worlds, wanted to give me whatever benediction I desired. I did not want their benedictions, however, because I am interested in the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who created everything in this material world. I am more interested in the Supreme Personality of Godhead than in all material benedictions. ।। 9-9-45 ।।