1. 46

    महार्हशय्यासनवस्त्रभूषणस्नानानुलेपाभ्यवहारमाल्यकैः । स्वलङ्कृतस्त्रीपुरुषेषु नित्यदा रेमेऽनुगायद्द्विजभृङ्गवन्दिषु ।। ९-६-४६ ।।

    Saubhari Muni’s home was amply provided with valuable beds, seats, ornaments, and arrangements for bathing, and there were varieties of sandalwood creams, flower garlands, and palatable dishes. Thus surrounded by opulent paraphernalia, the muni engaged in family affairs with his numerous wives. ।। 9-6-46 ।।

  2. 47

    यद्गार्हस्थ्यं तु संवीक्ष्य सप्तद्वीपवतीपतिः । विस्मितः स्तम्भमजहात्सार्वभौमश्रियान्वितम् ।। ९-६-४७ ।।

    Māndhātā, the King of the entire world, consisting of seven islands, was struck with wonder when he saw the household opulence of Saubhari Muni. Thus he gave up his false prestige in his position as emperor of the world. ।। 9-6-47 ।।

  3. 48

    एवं गृहेष्वभिरतो विषयान् विविधैः सुखैः । सेवमानो न चातुष्यदाज्यस्तोकैरिवानलः ।। ९-६-४८ ।।

    In this way, Saubhari Muni enjoyed sense gratification in the material world, but he was not at all satisfied, just as a fire never ceases blazing if constantly supplied with drops of fat. ।। 9-6-48 ।।

  4. 49

    स कदाचिदुपासीन आत्मापह्नवमात्मनः । ददर्श बह्वृचाचार्यो मीनसङ्गसमुत्थितम् ।। ९-६-४९ ।।

    Thereafter, one day while Saubhari Muni, who was expert in chanting mantras, was sitting in a secluded place, he thought to himself about the cause of his falldown, which was simply that he had associated himself with the sexual affairs of the fish. ।। 9-6-49 ।।

  5. 50

    अहो इमं पश्यत मे विनाशं तपस्विनः सच्चरितव्रतस्य । अन्तर्जले वारिचरप्रसङ्गात्प्रच्यावितं ब्रह्म चिरं धृतं यत् ।। ९-६-५० ।।

    Alas! While practicing austerity, even within the depths of the water, and while observing all the rules and regulations practiced by saintly persons, I lost the results of my long austerities simply by association with the sexual affairs of fish. Everyone should observe this falldown and learn from it. ।। 9-6-50 ।।