1. 16

    तेजसाऽऽप्यायितो विष्णोः पुरुषस्य परात्मनः । प्रतीच्यां दिशि दैत्यानां न्यरुणत्त्रिदशैः पुरम् ।। ९-६-१६ ।।

    Thus he is known as Kakutstha. Being empowered by Lord Viṣṇu, who is the Supersoul and the Supreme Person, Purañjaya sat on the great bull and is therefore known as Indravāha. Surrounded by the demigods, he attacked the residence of the demons in the west. ।। 9-6-16 ।।

  2. 17

    तैस्तस्य चाभूत्प्रधनं तुमुलं लोमहर्षणम् । यमाय भल्लैरनयद्दैत्यान् येऽभिययुर्मृधे ।। ९-६-१७ ।।

    There was a fierce battle between the demons and Purañjaya. Indeed, it was so fierce that when one hears about it one’s hairs stand on end. All the demons bold enough to come before Purañjaya were immediately sent to the residence of Yamarāja by his arrows. ।। 9-6-17 ।।

  3. 18

    तस्येषुपाताभिमुखं युगान्ताग्निमिवोल्बणम् । विसृज्य दुद्रुवुर्दैत्या हन्यमानाः स्वमालयम् ।। ९-६-१८ ।।

    To save themselves from the blazing arrows of Indravāha, which resembled the flames of devastation at the end of the millennium, the demons who remained when the rest of their army was killed fled very quickly to their respective homes. ।। 9-6-18 ।।

  4. 19

    जित्वा पुरं धनं सर्वं सश्रीकं वज्रपाणये । प्रत्ययच्छत्स राजर्षिरिति नामभिराहृतः ।। ९-६-१९ ।।

    After conquering the enemy, the saintly king Purañjaya gave everything, including the enemy’s riches and wives, to Indra, who carries a thunderbolt. For this he is celebrated as Purañjaya. Thus Purañjaya is known by different names because of his different activities. ।। 9-6-19 ।।

  5. 20

    पुरञ्जयस्य पुत्रोऽभूदनेनास्तत्सुतः पृथुः । विश्वगन्धिस्ततश्चन्द्रो युवनाश्वस्तु तत्सुतः ।। ९-६-२० ।।

    The son of Purañjaya was known as Anenā, Anenā’s son was Pṛthu, and Pṛthu’s son was Viśvagandhi. Viśvagandhi’s son was Candra, and Candra’s son was Yuvanāśva. ।। 9-6-20 ।।