1. 16

    एवमुक्तो द्विजैर्ज्येष्ठं छन्दयामास सोऽब्रवीत् । तन्मन्त्रिप्रहितैर्विप्रैर्वेदाद्विभ्रंशितो गिरा ।। ९-२२-१६ ।।

    When the brāhmaṇas said this, Mahārāja Śāntanu went to the forest and requested his elder brother Devāpi to take charge of the kingdom, for it is the duty of a king to maintain his subjects. Previously, however, Śāntanu’s minister Aśvavāra had instigated some brāhmaṇas to induce Devāpi to transgress the injunctions of the Vedas and thus make himself unfit for the post of ruler. The brāhmaṇas deviated Devāpi from the path of the Vedic principles, and therefore when asked by Śāntanu he did not agree to accept the post of ruler. On the contrary, he blasphemed the Vedic principles and therefore became fallen. ।। 9-22-16 ।।

  2. 17

    वेदवादातिवादान् वै तदा देवो ववर्ष ह । देवापिर्योगमास्थाय कलापग्राममाश्रितः ।। ९-२२-१७ ।।

    Under the circumstances, Śāntanu again became the king, and Indra, being pleased, showered rains. Devāpi later took to the path of mystic yoga to control his mind and senses and went to the village named Kalāpagrāma, where he is still living. ।। 9-22-17 ।।

  3. 18

    सोमवंशे कलौ नष्टे कृतादौ स्थापयिष्यति । बाह्लीकात्सोमदत्तोऽभूद्भूरिर्भूरिश्रवास्ततः ।। ९-२२-१८ ।।

    After the dynasty of the moon-god comes to an end in this Age of Kali, Devāpi, in the beginning of the next Satya-yuga, will reestablish the Soma dynasty in this world. From Bāhlīka [the brother of Śāntanu] came a son named Somadatta, who had three sons, named Bhūri, Bhūriśravā and Śala. ।। 9-22-18 ।।

  4. 19

    शलश्च शन्तनोरासीद्गङ्गायां भीष्म आत्मवान् । सर्वधर्मविदां श्रेष्ठो महाभागवतः कविः ।। ९-२२-१९ ।।

    From Śāntanu, through the womb of his wife named Gaṅgā, came Bhīṣma, the exalted, self-realized devotee and learned scholar. ।। 9-22-19 ।।

  5. 20

    वीरयूथाग्रणीर्येन रामोऽपि युधि तोषितः । शन्तनोर्दाशकन्यायां जज्ञे चित्राङ्गदः सुतः ।। ९-२२-२० ।।

    Bhīṣmadeva was the foremost of all warriors. When he defeated Lord Paraśurāma in a fight, Lord Paraśurāma was very satisfied with him. By the semen of Śāntanu in the womb of Satyavatī, the daughter of a fisherman, Citrāṅgada took birth. ।। 9-22-20 ।।