1. 6

    पीवानं श्मश्रुलं प्रेष्ठं मीढ्वांसं याभकोविदम् । स एकोऽजवृषस्तासां बह्वीनां रतिवर्धनः । रेमे कामग्रहग्रस्त आत्मानं नावबुध्यत ।। ९-१९-६ ।।

    When she did so, many other she-goats also desired him as their husband because he had a very beautiful bodily structure and a nice mustache and beard and was expert in discharging semen and in the art of sexual intercourse. Therefore, just as a person haunted by a ghost exhibits madness, the best of the he-goats, attracted by the many she-goats, engaged in erotic activities and naturally forgot his real business of self-realization. ।। 9-19-6 ।।

  2. 7

    तमेव प्रेष्ठतमया रममाणमजान्यया । विलोक्य कूपसंविग्ना नामृष्यद्बस्तकर्म तत् ।। ९-१९-७ ।।

    When the she-goat who had fallen into the well saw her beloved goat engaged in sexual affairs with another she-goat, she could not tolerate the goat’s activities. ।। 9-19-7 ।।

  3. 8

    तं दुर्हृदं सुहृद्रूपं कामिनं क्षणसौहृदम् । इन्द्रियाराममुत्सृज्य स्वामिनं दुःखिता ययौ ।। ९-१९-८ ।।

    Aggrieved by her husband’s behavior with another, the she-goat thought that the he-goat was not actually her friend but was hardhearted and was her friend only for the time being. Therefore, because her husband was lusty, she left him and returned to her former maintainer. ।। 9-19-8 ।।

  4. 9

    सोऽपि चानुगतः स्त्रैणः कृपणस्तां प्रसादितुम् । कुर्वन्निडविडाकारं नाशक्नोत्पथि सन्धितुम् ।। ९-१९-९ ।।

    Being very sorry, the he-goat, who was subservient to his wife, followed the she-goat on the road and tried his best to flatter her, but he could not pacify her. ।। 9-19-9 ।।

  5. 10

    तस्यास्तत्र द्विजः कश्चिदजास्वाम्यच्छिनद्रुषा । लम्बन्तं वृषणं भूयः सन्दधेऽर्थाय योगवित् ।। ९-१९-१० ।।

    The she-goat went to the residence of a brāhmaṇa who was the maintainer of another she-goat, and that brāhmaṇa angrily cut off the he-goat’s dangling testicles. But at the he-goat’s request, the brāhmaṇa later rejoined them by the power of mystic yoga. ।। 9-19-10 ।।