1. 6

    शुक्रो बृहस्पतेर्द्वेषादग्रहीत्सासुरोडुपम् । हरो गुरुसुतं स्नेहात्सर्वभूतगणावृतः ।। ९-१४-६ ।।

    Because of enmity between Bṛhaspati and Śukra, Śukra took the side of the moon-god and was joined by the demons. But Lord Śiva, because of affection for the son of his spiritual master, joined the side of Bṛhaspati and was accompanied by all the ghosts and hobgoblins. ।। 9-14-6 ।।

  2. 7

    सर्वदेवगणोपेतो महेन्द्रो गुरुमन्वयात् । सुरासुरविनाशोऽभूत्समरस्तारकामयः ।। ९-१४-७ ।।

    King Indra, accompanied by all kinds of demigods, joined the side of Bṛhaspati. Thus there was a great fight, destroying both demons and demigods, only for the sake of Tārā, Bṛhaspati’s wife.।। 9-14-7 ।।

  3. 8

    निवेदितोऽथाङ्गिरसा सोमं निर्भर्त्स्य विश्वकृत् । तारां स्वभर्त्रे प्रायच्छदन्तर्वत्नीमवैत्पतिः ।। ९-१४-८ ।।

    When Lord Brahmā was fully informed by Aṅgirā about the entire incident, he severely chastised the moon-god, Soma. Thus Lord Brahmā delivered Tārā to her husband, who could then understand that she was pregnant. ।। 9-14-8 ।।

  4. 9

    त्यज त्यजाशु दुष्प्रज्ञे मत्क्षेत्रादाहितं परैः । नाहं त्वां भस्मसात्कुर्यां स्त्रियं सान्तानिकः सति ।। ९-१४-९ ।।

    Bṛhaspati said: You foolish woman, your womb, which was meant for me to impregnate, has been impregnated by someone other than me. Immediately deliver your child! Immediately deliver it! Be assured that after the child is delivered, I shall not burn you to ashes. I know that although you are unchaste, you wanted a son. Therefore I shall not punish you. ।। 9-14-9 ।।

  5. 10

    तत्याज व्रीडिता तारा कुमारं कनकप्रभम् । स्पृहामाङ्गिरसश्चक्रे कुमारे सोम एव च ।। ९-१४-१० ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued: By Bṛhaspati’s order, Tārā, who was very much ashamed, immediately gave birth to the child, who was very beautiful, with a golden bodily hue. Both Bṛhaspati and the moon-god, Soma, desired the beautiful child. ।। 9-14-10 ।।