1. 6

    यस्मिन् वैरानुबन्धेन व्यूढेन विबुधेतराः । बहवो लेभिरे सिद्धिं यामु हैकान्तयोगिनः ।। ८-२२-६ ।।

    Many demons who were continuously inimical toward You finally achieved the perfection of great mystic yogīs. Your Lordship can perform one work to serve many purposes, ।। 8-22-6।।

  2. 7

    तेनाहं निगृहीतोऽस्मि भवता भूरिकर्मणा । बद्धश्च वारुणैः पाशैर्नातिव्रीडे न च व्यथे ।। ८-२२-७ ।।

    And consequently, although You have punished me in many ways, I do not feel ashamed of having been arrested by the ropes of Varuṇa, nor do I feel aggrieved. ।। 8-22-7 ।।

  3. 8

    पितामहो मे भवदीयसम्मतः प्रह्लाद आविष्कृतसाधुवादः । भवद्विपक्षेण विचित्रवैशसं सम्प्रापितस्त्वत्परमः स्वपित्रा ।। ८-२२-८ ।।

    My grandfather Prahlāda Mahārāja is famous, being recognized by all Your devotees. Although harassed in many ways by his father, Hiraṇyakaśipu, he still remained faithful, taking shelter at Your lotus feet. ।। 8-22-8 ।।

  4. 9

    किमात्मनानेन जहाति योऽन्ततः किं रिक्थहारैः स्वजनाख्यदस्युभिः । किं जायया संसृतिहेतुभूतया मर्त्यस्य गेहैः किमिहायुषो व्ययः ।। ८-२२-९ ।।

    What is the use of the material body, which automatically leaves its owner at the end of life? And what is the use of all one’s family members, who are actually plunderers taking away money that is useful for the service of the Lord in spiritual opulence? What is the use of a wife? She is only the source of increasing material conditions. And what is the use of family, home, country and community? Attachment for them merely wastes the valuable energy of one’s lifetime. ।। 8-22-9 ।।

  5. 10

    इत्थं स निश्चित्य पितामहो महानगाधबोधो भवतः पादपद्मम् । ध्रुवं प्रपेदे ह्यकुतोभयं जनाद्भीतः स्वपक्षक्षपणस्य सत्तम ।। ८-२२-१० ।।

    My grandfather, the best of all men, who achieved unlimited knowledge and was worshipable for everyone, was afraid of the common men in this world. Being fully convinced of the substantiality afforded by shelter at Your lotus feet, He took shelter of Your lotus feet, against the will of his father and demoniac friends, who were killed by Your own self. ।। 8-22-10 ।।