1. 6

    यद्यद्धास्यति लोकेऽस्मिन् सम्परेतं धनादिकम् । तस्य त्यागे निमित्तं किं विप्रस्तुष्येन्न तेन चेत् ।। ८-२०-६ ।।

    My lord, you can also see that all the material opulences of this world are certainly separated from their possessor at death. Therefore, if the brāhmaṇa Vāmanadeva is not satisfied by whatever gifts one has given, why not please Him with the riches one is destined to lose at death? ।। 8-20-6 ।।

  2. 7

    श्रेयः कुर्वन्ति भूतानां साधवो दुस्त्यजासुभिः । दध्यङ् शिबिप्रभृतयः को विकल्पो धरादिषु ।। ८-२०-७ ।।

    Dadhīci, Śibi and many other great personalities were willing to sacrifice even their lives for the benefit of the people in general. This is the evidence of history. So why not give up this insignificant land? What is the serious consideration against it? ।। 8-20-7 ।।

  3. 8

    यैरियं बुभुजे ब्रह्मन् दैत्येन्द्रैरनिवर्तिभिः । तेषां कालोऽग्रसील्लोकान् न यशोऽधिगतं भुवि ।। ८-२०-८ ।।

    O best of the brāhmaṇas, certainly the great demoniac kings who were never reluctant to fight enjoyed this world, but in due course of time everything they had was taken away, except their reputation, by which they continue to exist. In other words, one should try to achieve a good reputation instead of anything else. ।। 8-20-8 ।।

  4. 9

    सुलभा युधि विप्रर्षे ह्यनिवृत्तास्तनुत्यजः । न तथा तीर्थ आयाते श्रद्धया ये धनत्यजः ।। ८-२०-९ ।।

    O best of the brāhmaṇas, many men have laid down their lives on the battlefield, being unafraid of fighting, but rarely has one gotten the chance to give his accumulated wealth faithfully to a saintly person who creates holy places. ।। 8-20-9 ।।

  5. 10

    मनस्विनः कारुणिकस्य शोभनं यदर्थिकामोपनयेन दुर्गतिः । कुतः पुनर्ब्रह्मविदां भवादृशां ततो वटोरस्य ददामि वाञ्छितम् ।। ८-२०-१० ।।

    By giving charity, a benevolent and merciful person undoubtedly becomes even more auspicious, especially when he gives charity to a person like your good self. Under the circumstances, I must give this little brahmacārī whatever charity He wants from me. ।। 8-20-10 ।।