1. 16

    एवं शप्तः स्वगुरुणा सत्यान्न चलितो महान् । वामनाय ददावेनामर्चित्वोदकपूर्वकम् ।। ८-२०-१६ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued: Even after being cursed in this way by his own spiritual master, Bali Mahārāja, being a great personality, never deviated from his determination. Therefore, according to custom, he first offered water to Vāmanadeva and then offered Him the gift of land he had promised. ।। 8-20-16 ।।

  2. 17

    विन्ध्यावलिस्तदाऽऽगत्य पत्नी जालकमालिनी । आनिन्ये कलशं हैममवनेजन्यपां भृतम् ।। ८-२०-१७ ।।

    Bali Mahārāja’s wife, known as Vindhyāvali, who was decorated with a necklace of pearls, immediately came and had a large golden waterpot brought there, full of water with which to worship the Lord by washing His feet. ।। 8-20-17 ।।

  3. 18

    यजमानः स्वयं तस्य श्रीमत्पादयुगं मुदा । अवनिज्यावहन्मूर्ध्नि तदपो विश्वपावनीः ।। ८-२०-१८ ।।

    Bali Mahārāja, the worshiper of Lord Vāmanadeva, jubilantly washed the Lord’s lotus feet and then took the water on his head, for that water delivers the entire universe. ।। 8-20-18 ।।

  4. 19

    तदासुरेन्द्रं दिवि देवतागणाः गन्धर्वविद्याधरसिद्धचारणाः । तत्कर्म सर्वेऽपि गृणन्त आर्जवं प्रसूनवर्षैर्ववृषुर्मुदान्विताः ।। ८-२०-१९ ।।

    At that time, the residents of the higher planetary system, namely the demigods, the Gandharvas, the Vidyādharas, the Siddhas and the Cāraṇas, all being very pleased by Bali Mahārāja’s simple, nonduplicitous act, praised his qualities and showered upon him millions of flowers. ।। 8-20-19 ।।

  5. 20

    नेदुर्मुहुर्दुन्दुभयः सहस्रशो गन्धर्वकिम्पूरुषकिन्नरा जगुः । मनस्विनानेन कृतं सुदुष्करं विद्वानदाद्यद्रिपवे जगत्त्रयम् ।। ८-२०-२० ।।

    The Gandharvas, the Kimpuruṣas and the Kinnaras sounded thousands and thousands of kettledrums and trumpets again and again, and they sang in great jubilation, declaring, “How exalted a person is Bali Mahārāja, and what a difficult task he has performed! Even though he knew that Lord Viṣṇu was on the side of his enemies, he nonetheless gave the Lord the entire three worlds in charity.” ।। 8-20-20 ।।