1. 31

    इत्थं गजेन्द्रः स यदाऽऽप सङ्कटं प्राणस्य देही विवशो यदृच्छया । अपारयन्नात्मविमोक्षणे चिरं दध्याविमां बुद्धिमथाभ्यपद्यत ।। ८-२-३१ ।।

    When the King of the elephants saw that he was under the clutches of the crocodile by the will of providence and, being embodied and circumstantially helpless, could not save himself from danger, he was extremely afraid of being killed. He consequently thought for a long time and finally reached the following decision. ।। 8-2-31 ।।

  2. 32

    न मामिमे ज्ञातय आतुरं गजाः कुतः करिण्यः प्रभवन्ति मोचितुम् । ग्राहेण पाशेन विधातुरावृतोऽप्यहं च तं यामि परं परायणम् ।। ८-२-३२ ।।

    The other elephants, who are my friends and relatives, could not rescue me from this danger. What then to speak of my wives? They cannot do anything. It is by the will of providence that I have been attacked by this crocodile, and therefore I shall seek shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is always the shelter of everyone, even of great personalities. ।। 8-2-32 ।।

  3. 33

    यः कश्चनेशो बलिनोऽन्तकोरगात्प्रचण्डवेगादभिधावतो भृशम् । भीतं प्रपन्नं परिपाति यद्भयान्मृत्युः प्रधावत्यरणं तमीमहि ।। ८-२-३३ ।।

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead is certainly not known to everyone, but He is very powerful and influential. Therefore, although the serpent of eternal time, which is fearful in force, endlessly chases everyone, ready to swallow him, if one who fears this serpent seeks shelter of the Lord, the Lord gives him protection, for even death runs away in fear of the Lord. I therefore surrender unto Him, the great and powerful supreme authority who is the actual shelter of everyone. ।। 8-2-33 ।।