1. 21

    यद्गन्धमात्राद्धरयो गजेन्द्रा व्याघ्रादयो व्यालमृगाः सखड्गाः । महोरगाश्चापि भयाद्द्रवन्ति सगौरकृष्णाः शरभाश्चमर्यः ।। ८-२-२१ ।।

    Simply by catching scent of that elephant, all the other elephants, the tigers and the other ferocious animals, such as lions, rhinoceroses, great serpents and black and white sarabhas, fled in fear. The camarī deer also fled. ।। 8-2-21 ।।

  2. 22

    वृका वराहा महिषर्क्षशल्या गोपुच्छसालावृकमर्कटाश्च । अन्यत्र क्षुद्रा हरिणाः शशादयश्चरन्त्यभीता यदनुग्रहेण ।। ८-२-२२ ।।

    By the mercy of this elephant, animals like the foxes, wolves, buffalos, bears, boars, gopucchas, porcupines, monkeys, rabbits, the other deer and many other small animals loitered elsewhere in the forest. They were not afraid of him. ।। 8-2-22 ।।

  3. 23

    स घर्मतप्तः करिभिः करेणुभिर्वृतो मदच्युत्करभैरनुद्रुतः । गिरिं गरिम्णा परितः प्रकम्पयन् निषेव्यमाणोऽलिकुलैर्मदाशनैः ।। ८-२-२३ ।।

    Surrounded by the herd’s other elephants, including females, and followed by the young ones, Gajapati, the leader of the elephants, made Trikūṭa Mountain tremble all around because of the weight of his body. He was perspiring, liquor dripped from his mouth, and his vision was overwhelmed by intoxication. He was being served by bumblebees who drank honey, ।। 8-2-23 ।।

  4. 24

    सरोऽनिलं पङ्कजरेणुरूषितं जिघ्रन् विदूरान्मदविह्वलेक्षणः । वृतः स्वयूथेन तृषार्दितेन तत् सरोवराभ्याशमथागमद्द्रुतम् ।। ८-२-२४ ।।

    And from a distance he could smell the dust of the lotus flowers, which was carried from the lake by the breeze. Thus surrounded by his associates, who were afflicted by thirst, he soon arrived at the bank of the lake. ।। 8-2-24 ।।

  5. 25

    विगाह्य तस्मिन्नमृताम्बु निर्मलं हेमारविन्दोत्पलरेणुवासितम् । पपौ निकामं निजपुष्करोद्धृतमात्मानमद्भिः स्नपयन् गतक्लमः ।। ८-२-२५ ।।

    The King of the elephants entered the lake, bathed thoroughly and was relieved of his fatigue. Then, with the aid of his trunk, he drank the cold, clear, nectarean water, which was mixed with the dust of lotus flowers and water lilies, until he was fully satisfied. ।। 8-2-25 ।।