1. 11

    भक्तिं मुहुः प्रवहतां त्वयि मे प्रसङ्गो भूयादनन्त महताममलाशयानाम् । येनाञ्जसोल्बणमुरुव्यसनं भवाब्धिं नेष्ये भवद्गुणकथामृतपानमत्तः ।। ४-९-११ ।।

    Dhruva Mahārāja continued: O unlimited Lord, kindly bless me so that I may associate with great devotees who engage in Your transcendental loving service constantly, as the waves of a river constantly flow. Such transcendental devotees are completely situated in an uncontaminated state of life. By the process of devotional service I shall surely be able to cross the nescient ocean of material existence, which is filled with the waves of blazing, firelike dangers. It will be very easy for me, for I am becoming mad to hear about Your transcendental qualities and pastimes, which are eternally existent. ।। 4-9-11 ।।

  2. 12

    ते न स्मरन्त्यतितरां प्रियमीश मर्त्यं ये चान्वदः सुतसुहृद्गृहवित्तदाराः । ये त्वब्जनाभ भवदीयपदारविन्दसौगन्ध्यलुब्धहृदयेषु कृतप्रसङ्गाः ।। ४-९-१२ ।।

    O Lord who have a lotus navel, if a person happens to associate with a devotee whose heart always hankers after Your lotus feet, seeking always their fragrance, he is never attached to the material body or, in a bodily relationship, to offspring, friends, home, wealth and wife, which are very, very dear to materialistic persons. Indeed, he does not care for them. ।। 4-9-12 ।।

  3. 13

    तिर्यङ्नगद्विजसरीसृपदेवदैत्यमर्त्यादिभिः परिचितं सदसद्विशेषम् । रूपं स्थविष्ठमज ते महदाद्यनेकं नातः परं परम वेद्मि न यत्र वादः ।। ४-९-१३ ।।

    My dear Lord, O Supreme Unborn, I know that the different varieties of living entities, such as animals, trees, birds, reptiles, demigods and human beings, are spread throughout the universe, which is caused by the total material energy, and I know that they are sometimes manifest and sometimes unmanifest; but I have never experienced the supreme form I behold as I see You now. Now all kinds of methods of theorizing have come to an end. ।। 4-9-13 ।।

  4. 14

    कल्पान्त एतदखिलं जठरेण गृह्णन् शेते पुमान् स्वदृगनन्तसखस्तदङ्के । यन्नाभिसिन्धुरुहकाञ्चनलोकपद्मगर्भे द्युमान् भगवते प्रणतोऽस्मि तस्मै ।। ४-९-१४ ।।

    My dear Lord, at the end of each millennium the Supreme Personality of Godhead Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu dissolves everything manifested within the universe into His belly. He lies down on the lap of Śeṣa Nāga, from His navel sprouts a golden lotus flower on a stem, and on that lotus Lord Brahmā is created. I can understand that You are the same Supreme Godhead. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You. ।। 4-9-14 ।।

  5. 15

    त्वं नित्यमुक्तपरिशुद्धविबुद्ध आत्मा कूटस्थ आदिपुरुषो भगवांस्त्र्यधीशः । यद्बुद्ध्यवस्थितिमखण्डितया स्वदृष्ट्या द्रष्टा स्थितावधिमखो व्यतिरिक्त आस्से ।। ४-९-१५ ।।

    My Lord, by Your unbroken transcendental glance You are the supreme witness of all stages of intellectual activities. You are eternally liberated, Your existence is situated in pure goodness, and You are existent in the Supersoul without change. You are the original Personality of Godhead, full with six opulences, and You are eternally the master of the three modes of material nature. Thus, You are always different from the ordinary living entities. As Lord Viṣṇu, You maintain all the affairs of the entire universe, and yet You stand aloof and are the enjoyer of the results of all sacrifices. ।। 4-9-15 ।।