1. 66

    अप्यनाथं वने ब्रह्मन् मा स्मादन्त्यर्भकं वृकाः । श्रान्तं शयानं क्षुधितं परिम्लानमुखाम्बुजम् ।। ४-८-६६

    My dear brāhmaṇa, the face of my son was just like a lotus flower. I am thinking of his precarious condition. He is unprotected, and he might be very hungry. He might have lain down somewhere in the forest, and the wolves might have attacked him to eat his body. ।। 4-8-66 ।।

  2. 67

    अहो मे बत दौरात्म्यं स्त्रीजितस्योपधारय । योऽङ्कं प्रेम्णाऽऽरुरुक्षन्तं नाभ्यनन्दमसत्तमः ।। ४-८-६७ ।।

    Alas, just see how I was conquered by my wife! Just imagine my cruelty! Out of love and affection the boy was trying to get up on my lap, but I did not receive him, nor did I even pat him for a moment. Just imagine how hardhearted I am. ।। 4-8-67 ।।

  3. 68

    नारद उवाच मा मा शुचः स्वतनयं देवगुप्तं विशाम्पते । तत्प्रभावमविज्ञाय प्रावृङ्क्ते यद्यशो जगत् ।। ४-८-६८ ।।

    The great sage Nārada replied: My dear King, please do not be aggrieved about your son. He is well protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Although you have no actual information of his influence, his reputation is already spread all over the world. ।। 4-8-68 ।।

  4. 69

    सुदुष्करं कर्म कृत्वा लोकपालैरपि प्रभुः । एष्यत्यचिरतो राजन् यशो विपुलयंस्तव ।। ४-८-६९ ।।

    My dear King, your son is very competent. He will perform activities which would be impossible even for great kings and sages. Very soon he will complete his task and come back home. You should know that he will also spread your reputation all over the world. ।। 4-8-69 ।।

  5. 70

    मैत्रेय उवाच इति देवर्षिणा प्रोक्तं विश्रुत्य जगतीपतिः । राजलक्ष्मीमनादृत्य पुत्रमेवान्वचिन्तयत् ।। ४-८-७० ।।

    The great Maitreya continued: The King, Uttānapāda, after being advised by Nārada Muni, practically gave up all duties in relation with his kingdom, which was very vast and wide, opulent like the goddess of fortune, and he simply began to think of his son Dhruva. ।। 4-8-70 ।।