1. 56

    लब्ध्वा द्रव्यमयीमर्चां क्षित्यम्ब्वादिषु वार्चयेत् । आभृतात्मा मुनिः शान्तो यतवाङ्मितवन्यभुक् ।। ४-८-५६ ।।

    It is possible to worship a form of the Lord made of physical elements such as earth, water, pulp, wood and metal. In the forest one can make a form with no more than earth and water and worship Him according to the above principles. A devotee who has full control over his self should be very sober and peaceful and must be satisfied simply with eating whatever fruits and vegetables are available in the forest. ।। 4-8-56 ।।

  2. 57

    स्वेच्छावतारचरितैरचिन्त्यनिजमायया । करिष्यत्युत्तमश्लोकस्तद्ध्यायेद्धृदयङ्गमम् ।। ४-८-५७ ।।

    My dear Dhruva, besides worshiping the Deity and chanting the mantra three times a day, you should meditate upon the transcendental activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His different incarnations, as exhibited by His supreme will and personal potencies. ।। 4-8-57 ।।

  3. 58

    परिचर्या भगवतो यावत्यः पूर्वसेविताः । ता मन्त्रहृदयेनैव प्रयुञ्ज्यान्मन्त्रमूर्तये ।। ४-८-५८ ।।

    One should follow in the footsteps of previous devotees regarding how to worship the Supreme Lord with the prescribed paraphernalia, or one should offer worship within the heart by reciting the mantra to the Personality of Godhead, who is nondifferent from the mantra. ।। 4-8-58 ।।

  4. 59

    एवं कायेन मनसा वचसा च मनोगतम् । परिचर्यमाणो भगवान् भक्तिमत्परिचर्यया ।। ४-८-५९ ।।

    Anyone who thus engages in the devotional service of the Lord, seriously and sincerely, with his mind, words and body, and who is fixed in the activities of the prescribed devotional methods, is blessed by the Lord according to his desire. ।। 4-8-59 ।।

  5. 60

    पुंसाममायिनां सम्यग्भजतां भाववर्धनः । श्रेयो दिशत्यभिमतं यद्धर्मादिषु देहिनाम् ।। ४-८-६० ।।

    If a devotee desires material religiosity, economic development, sense gratification or liberation from the material world, he is awarded these results. ।। 4-8-60 ।।