1. 31

    वदत्येवं जने सत्या दृष्ट्वासुत्यागमद्भुतम् । दक्षं तत्पार्षदा हन्तुमुदतिष्ठन्नुदायुधाः ।। ४-४-३१ ।।

    While people were talking among themselves about the wonderful voluntary death of Satī, the attendants who had come with her readied themselves to kill Dakṣa with their weapons. ।। 4-4-31 ।।

  2. 32

    तेषामापततां वेगं निशाम्य भगवान् भृगुः । यज्ञघ्नघ्नेन यजुषा दक्षिणाग्नौ जुहाव ह ।। ४-४-३२ ।।

    They came forward forcibly, but Bhṛgu Muni saw the danger and, offering oblations into the southern side of the sacrificial fire, immediately uttered mantric hymns from the Yajur Veda by which the destroyers of yajñic performances could be killed immediately. ।। 4-4-32 ।।

  3. 33

    अध्वर्युणा हूयमाने देवा उत्पेतुरोजसा । ऋभवो नाम तपसा सोमं प्राप्ताः सहस्रशः ।। ४-४-३३ ।।

    When Bhṛgu Muni offered oblations in the fire, immediately many thousands of demigods named Ṛbhus became manifested. All of them were powerful, having achieved strength from Soma, the moon. ।। 4-4-33 ।।

  4. 34

    तैरलातायुधैः सर्वे प्रमथाः सह गुह्यकाः । हन्यमाना दिशो भेजुरुशद्भिर्ब्रह्मतेजसा ।। ४-४-३४ ।।

    When the Ṛbhu demigods attacked the ghosts and Guhyakas with half-burned fuel from the yajña fire, all these attendants of Satī fled in different directions and disappeared. This was possible simply because of brahma-tejas, brahminical power. ।। 4-4-34 ।।