1. 26

    नमः कमलकिञ्जल्कपिशङ्गामलवाससे । सर्वभूतनिवासाय नमोऽयुङ्क्ष्महि साक्षिणे ।। ४-३०-२६ ।।

    Dear Lord, the garment You have put on is yellowish in color, like the saffron of a lotus flower, but it is not made of anything material. Since You live in everyone’s heart, You are the direct witness of all the activities of all living entities. We offer our respectful obeisances unto You again and again. ।। 4-30-26 ।।

  2. 27

    रूपं भगवता त्वेतदशेषक्लेशसङ्क्षयम् । आविष्कृतं नः क्लिष्टानां किमन्यदनुकम्पितम् ।। ४-३०-२७ ।।

    Dear Lord, we conditioned souls are always covered by ignorance in the bodily conception of life. We therefore always prefer the miserable conditions of material existence. To deliver us from these miserable conditions, You have advented Yourself in this transcendental form. This is evidence of Your unlimited causeless mercy upon those of us who are suffering in this way. Then what to speak of the devotees to whom You are always so favorably disposed? ।। 4-30-27 ।।

  3. 28

    एतावत्त्वं हि विभुभिर्भाव्यं दीनेषु वत्सलैः । यदनुस्मर्यते काले स्वबुद्ध्याभद्ररन्धन ।। ४-३०-२८ ।।

    Dear Lord, You are the killer of all inauspicious things. You are compassionate upon Your poor devotees through the expansion of Your arcā-vigraha. You should certainly think of us as Your eternal servants. ।। 4-30-28 ।।

  4. 29

    येनोपशान्तिर्भूतानां क्षुल्लकानामपीह ताम् । अन्तर्हितोऽन्तर्हृदये कस्मान्नो वेद नाशिषः ।। ४-३०-२९ ।।

    When the Lord, out of His natural compassion, thinks of His devotee, by that process only are all desires of the neophyte devotee fulfilled. The Lord is situated in every living entity’s heart, although the living entity may be very insignificant. The Lord knows everything about the living entity, including all his desires. Although we are very insignificant, why should the Lord not know our desires? ।। 4-30-29 ।।

  5. 30

    असावेव वरोऽस्माकमीप्सितो जगतः पते । प्रसन्नो भगवान् येषामपवर्गगुरुर्गतिः ।। ४-३०-३० ।।

    O Lord of the universe, You are the actual teacher of the science of devotional service. We are satisfied that Your Lordship is the ultimate goal of our life, and we pray that You will be satisfied with us. That is our benediction. We do not desire anything other than Your full satisfaction. ।। 4-30-30 ।।