1. 11

    यद्यूयं पितुरादेशमग्रहीष्ट मुदान्विताः । अथो व उशती कीर्तिर्लोकाननु भविष्यति ।। ४-३०-११ ।।

    Because you have with pleasure accepted within your hearts the orders of your father and have executed those orders very faithfully, your attractive qualities will be celebrated all over the world. ।। 4-30-11 ।।

  2. 12

    भविता विश्रुतः पुत्रोऽनवमो ब्रह्मणो गुणैः । य एतामात्मवीर्येण त्रिलोकीं पूरयिष्यति ।। ४-३०-१२ ।।

    You will have a nice son, who will be in no way inferior to Lord Brahmā. Consequently, he will be very famous all over the universe, and the sons and grandsons generated by him will fill the three worlds. ।। 4-30-12 ।।

  3. 13

    कण्डोः प्रम्लोचया लब्धा कन्या कमललोचना । तां चापविद्धां जगृहुर्भूरुहा नृपनन्दनाः ।। ४-३०-१३ ।।

    O sons of King Prācīnabarhiṣat, the heavenly society girl named Pramlocā kept the lotus-eyed daughter of Kaṇḍu in the care of the forest trees. Then she went back to the heavenly planet. This daughter was born by the coupling of the Apsarā named Pramlocā with the sage Kaṇḍu. ।। 4-30-13 ।।

  4. 14

    क्षुत्क्षामाया मुखे राजा सोमः पीयूषवर्षिणीम् । देशिनीं रोदमानाया निदधे स दयान्वितः ।। ४-३०-१४ ।।

    Thereafter the child, who was left to the care of the trees, began to cry in hunger. At that time the king of the forest, namely the king of the moon planet, out of compassion placed his finger, which poured forth nectar, within the child’s mouth. Thus the child was raised by the mercy of the king of the moon. ।। 4-30-14 ।।

  5. 15

    प्रजाविसर्ग आदिष्टाः पित्रा मामनुवर्तता । तत्र कन्यां वरारोहां तामुद्वहत मा चिरम् ।। ४-३०-१५ ।।

    Since all of you are very much obedient to My orders, I ask you to immediately marry that girl, who is so well qualified with beauty and good qualities. According to the order of your father, create progeny through her. ।। 4-30-15 ।।