1. 11

    त्वय्येतदाश्चर्यमजात्ममायया विनिर्मितं भाति गुणत्रयात्मकम् । तथाप्यहं योषिदतत्त्वविच्च ते दीना दिदृक्षे भव मे भवक्षितिम् ।। ४-३-११ ।।

    This manifested cosmos is a wonderful creation of the interaction of the three material modes, or the external energy of the Supreme Lord. This truth is fully known to you. Yet I am but a poor woman, and, as you know, I am not conversant with the truth. Therefore I wish to see my birthplace once more. ।। 4-3-11 ।।

  2. 12

    पश्य प्रयान्तीरभवान्ययोषितोऽप्यलङ्कृताः कान्तसखा वरूथशः । यासां व्रजद्भिः शितिकण्ठमण्डितं नभो विमानैः कलहंसपाण्डुभिः ।। ४-३-१२ ।।

    O never-born, O blue-throated one, not only my relatives but also other women, dressed in nice clothes and decorated with ornaments, are going there with their husbands and friends. Just see how their flocks of white airplanes have made the entire sky very beautiful. ।। 4-3-12 ।।

  3. 13

    कथं सुतायाः पितृगेहकौतुकं निशम्य देहः सुरवर्य नेङ्गते । अनाहुता अप्यभियन्ति सौहृदं भर्तुर्गुरोर्देहकृतश्च केतनम् ।। ४-३-१३ ।।

    O best of the demigods, how can the body of a daughter remain undisturbed when she hears that some festive event is taking place in her father’s house? Even though you may be considering that I have not been invited, there is no harm if one goes to the house of one’s friend, husband, spiritual master or father without invitation. ।। 4-3-13 ।।

  4. 14

    तन्मे प्रसीदेदममर्त्यवाञ्छितं कर्तुं भवान् कारुणिको बतार्हति । त्वयाऽऽत्मनोऽर्धेऽहमदभ्रचक्षुषा निरूपिता मानुगृहाण याचितः ।। ४-३-१४ ।।

    O immortal Śiva, please be kind towards me and fulfill my desire. You have accepted me as half of your body; therefore please show kindness towards me and accept my request. ।। 4-3-14 ।।

  5. 15

    ऋषिरुवाच एवं गिरित्रः प्रिययाभिभाषितः प्रत्यभ्यधत्त प्रहसन् सुहृत्प्रियः । संस्मारितो मर्मभिदः कुवागिषून् यानाह को विश्वसृजां समक्षतः ।। ४-३-१५ ।।

    The great sage Maitreya said: Lord Śiva, the deliverer of the hill Kailāsa, having thus been addressed by his dear wife, replied smilingly, although at the same time he remembered the malicious, heart-piercing speeches delivered by Dakṣa before the guardians of the universal affairs. ।। 4-3-15 ।।