1. 51

    स वै प्रियतमश्चात्मा यतो न भयमण्वपि । इति वेद स वै विद्वान् यो विद्वान् स गुरुर्हरिः ।। ४-२९-५१ ।।

    One who is engaged in devotional service has not the least fear in material existence. This is because the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Supersoul and friend of everyone. One who knows this secret is actually educated, and one thus educated can become the spiritual master of the world. One who is an actually bona fide spiritual master, representative of Kṛṣṇa, is not different from Kṛṣṇa. ।। 4-29-51 ।।

  2. 52

    नारद उवाच प्रश्न एवं हि सञ्छिन्नो भवतः पुरुषर्षभ । अत्र मे वदतो गुह्यं निशामय सुनिश्चितम् ।। ४-२९-५२ ।।

    The great saint Nārada continued: O great personality, I have replied properly about all that you have asked me. Now hear another narration that is accepted by saintly persons and is very confidential. ।। 4-29-52 ।।

  3. 53

    क्षुद्रं चरं सुमनसां शरणे मिथित्वा रक्तं षडङ्घ्रिगणसामसु लुब्धकर्णम् । अग्रे वृकानसुतृपोऽविगणय्य यान्तं पृष्ठे मृगं मृगयलुब्धकबाणभिन्नम् ।। ४-२९-५३ ।।

    My dear King, please search out that deer who is engaged in eating grass in a very nice flower garden along with his wife. That deer is very much attached to his business, and he is enjoying the sweet singing of the bumblebees in his garden. Just try to understand his position. He is unaware that before him is a tiger, which is accustomed to living at the cost of another’s flesh. Behind the deer is a hunter, who is threatening to pierce him with sharp arrows. Thus the deer’s death is imminent. ।। 4-29-53 ।।

  4. 54

    अस्यार्थः - सुमनः समधर्मणां स्त्रीणां शरण आश्रमे पुष्पमधुगन्धवत्क्षुद्रतमं काम्यकर्मविपाकजं कामसुखलवं जैह्व्यौपस्थ्यादि विचिन्वन्तं मिथुनीभूय तदभिनिवेशितमनसं षडङ्घ्रिगणसामगीतवदतिमनोहरवनितादि जनालापेष्वतितरामतिप्रलोभितकर्णमग्रे वृकयूथवदात्मन आयुर्हरतोऽहोरात्रान् तान् काललवविशेषानविगणय्य गृहेषु विहरन्तं पृष्ठत एव परोक्षमनुप्रवृत्तो लुब्धकः कृतान्तोऽन्तः शरेण यमिह पराविध्यति तमिममात्मानमहो राजन् भिन्नहृदयं द्रष्टुमर्हसीति ।। ४-२९-५४ ।।

    My dear King, woman, who is very attractive in the beginning but in the end very disturbing, is exactly like the flower, which is attractive in the beginning and detestable at the end. With woman, the living entity is entangled with lusty desires, and he enjoys sex, just as one enjoys the aroma of a flower. He thus enjoys a life of sense gratification — from his tongue to his genitals — and in this way the living entity considers himself very happy in family life. United with his wife, he always remains absorbed in such thoughts. He feels great pleasure in hearing the talks of his wife and children, which are like the sweet humming of bumblebees that collect honey from flower to flower. He forgets that before him is time, which is taking away his life span with the passing of day and night. He does not see the gradual diminishing of his life, nor does he care about the superintendent of death, who is trying to kill him from behind. Just try to understand this. You are in a precarious position and are threatened from all sides. ।। 4-29-54 ।।

  5. 55

    स त्वं विचक्ष्य मृगचेष्टितमात्मनोऽन्त- श्चित्तं नियच्छ हृदि कर्णधुनीं च चित्ते । जह्यङ्गनाश्रममसत्तमयूथगाथं प्रीणीहि हंसशरणं विरम क्रमेण ।। ४-२९-५५ ।।

    My dear King, just try to understand the allegorical position of the deer. Be fully conscious of yourself, and give up the pleasure of hearing about promotion to heavenly planets by fruitive activity. Give up household life, which is full of sex, as well as stories about such things, and take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the mercy of the liberated souls. In this way, please give up your attraction for material existence. ।। 4-29-55 ।।