1. 16

    अन्तःपुरं च हृदयं विषूचिर्मन उच्यते । तत्र मोहं प्रसादं वा हर्षं प्राप्नोति तद्गुणैः ।। ४-२९-१६ ।।

    The word antaḥ-pura refers to the heart. The word viṣūcīna, meaning “going everywhere,” indicates the mind. Within the mind the living entity enjoys the effects of the modes of material nature. These effects sometimes cause illusion, sometimes satisfaction and sometimes jubilation. ।। 4-29-16 ।।

  2. 17

    यथा यथा विक्रियते गुणाक्तो विकरोति वा । तथा तथोपद्रष्टाऽऽत्मा तद्वृत्तीरनुकार्यते ।।‌ ४-२९-१७ ।।

    Formerly it was explained that the Queen is one’s intelligence. While one is awake or asleep, that intelligence creates different situations. Being influenced by contaminated intelligence, the living entity envisions something and simply imitates the actions and reactions of his intelligence. ।।‌ 4-29-17 ।।

  3. 18

    देहो रथस्त्विन्द्रियाश्वः संवत्सररयोऽगतिः । द्विकर्मचक्रस्त्रिगुणध्वजः पञ्चासुबन्धुरः ।। ४-२९-१८ ।।

    Nārada Muni continued: What I referred to as the chariot was in actuality the body. The senses are the horses that pull that chariot. As time passes, year after year, these horses run without obstruction, but in fact they make no progress. Pious and impious activities are the two wheels of the chariot. The three modes of material nature are the chariot’s flags. The five types of life air constitute the living entity’s bondage, ।। 4-29-18 ।।

  4. 19

    मनोरश्मिर्बुद्धिसूतो हृन्नीडो द्वन्द्वकूबरः । पञ्चेन्द्रियार्थप्रक्षेपः सप्तधातुवरूथकः ।। ४-२९-१९ ।।

    and the mind is considered to be the rope. Intelligence is the chariot driver. The heart is the sitting place in the chariot, and the dualities of life, such as pleasure and pain, are the knotting place. The seven elements are the coverings of the chariot, ।। 4-29-19 ।।

  5. 20

    आकूतिर्विक्रमो बाह्यो मृगतृष्णां प्रधावति । एकादशेन्द्रियचमूः पञ्चसूना विनोदकृत् ।। ४-२९-२० ।।

    and the working senses are the five external processes. The eleven senses are the soldiers. Being engrossed in sense enjoyment, the living entity, seated on the chariot, hankers after fulfillment of his false desires and runs after sense enjoyment life after life. ।। 4-29-20 ।।