1. 11

    नलिनी नालिनी नासे गन्धः सौरभ उच्यते । घ्राणोऽवधूतो मुख्यास्यं विपणो वाग्रसविद्रसः ।। ४-२९-११ ।।

    The two doors named Nalinī and Nālinī should be known as the two nostrils, and the city named Saurabha represents aroma. The companion spoken of as Avadhūta is the sense of smell. The door called Mukhyā is the mouth, and Vipaṇa is the faculty of speech. Rasajña is the sense of taste. ।। 4-29-11 ।।

  2. 12

    आपणो व्यवहारोऽत्र चित्रमन्धो बहूदनम् । पितृहूर्दक्षिणः कर्ण उत्तरो देवहूः स्मृतः ।। ४-२९-१२ ।।

    The city called Āpaṇa represents engagement of the tongue in speech, and Bahūdana is the variety of foodstuffs. The right ear is called the gate of Pitṛhū, and the left ear is called the gate of Devahū. ।। 4-29-12 ।।

  3. 13

    प्रवृत्तं च निवृत्तं च शास्त्रं पञ्चालसंज्ञितम् । तृयानं देवयानं श्रोत्राच्छ्रुतधराद्व्रजेत् ।। ४-२९-१३ ।।

    Nārada Muni continued: The city spoken of as Dakṣiṇa-pañcāla represents the scriptures meant for directing pravṛtti, the process of sense enjoyment in fruitive activities. The other city, named Uttara-pañcāla, represents the scriptures meant for decreasing fruitive activities and increasing knowledge. The living entity receives different kinds of knowledge by means of two ears, and some living entities are promoted to Pitṛloka and some to Devaloka. All this is made possible by the two ears. ।। 4-29-13 ।।

  4. 14

    आसुरी मेढ्रमर्वाग्द्वार्व्यवायो ग्रामिणां रतिः । उपस्थो दुर्मदः प्रोक्तो निरृतिर्गुद उच्यते ।।‌ ४-२९-१४ ।।

    The city called Grāmaka, which is approached through the lower gate of Āsurī [the genital organ], is meant for sex, which is very pleasing to common men who are simply fools and rascals. The faculty of procreation is called Durmada, and the rectum is called Nirṛti. ।।‌ 4-29-14 ।।

  5. 15

    वैशसं नरकं पायुर्लुब्धकोऽन्धौ तु मे श‍ृणु । हस्तपादौ पुमांस्ताभ्यां युक्तो याति करोति च ।। ४-२९-१५ ।।

    When it is said that Purañjana goes to Vaiśasa, it is meant that he goes to hell. He is accompanied by Lubdhaka, which is the working sense in the rectum. Formerly I have also spoken of two blind associates. These associates should be understood to be the hands and legs. Being helped by the hands and legs, the living entity performs all kinds of work and moves hither and thither. ।। 4-29-15 ।।