1. 46

    यदा नोपलभेताङ्घ्रावूष्माणं पत्युरर्चती । आसीत्संविग्नहृदया यूथभ्रष्टा मृगी यथा ।। ४-२८-४६ ।।

    While she was serving her husband by massaging his legs, she could feel that his feet were no longer warm and could thus understand that he had already passed from the body. She felt great anxiety upon being left alone. Bereft of her husband’s company, she felt exactly as the deer feels upon being separated from its mate. ।। 4-28-46 ।।

  2. 47

    आत्मानं शोचती दीनमबन्धुं विक्लवाश्रुभिः । स्तनावासिच्य विपिने सुस्वरं प्ररुरोद सा ।। ४-२८-४७ ।।

    Being now alone and a widow in that forest, the daughter of Vidarbha began to lament, incessantly shedding tears, which soaked her breasts, and crying very loudly. ।। 4-28-47 ।।

  3. 48

    उत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ राजर्षे इमामुदधिमेखलाम् । दस्युभ्यः क्षत्रबन्धुभ्यो बिभ्यतीं पातुमर्हसि ।। ४-२८-४८ ।।

    O best of kings, please get up! Get up! Just see this world surrounded by water and infested with rogues and so-called kings. This world is very much afraid, and it is your duty to protect her. ।। 4-28-48 ।।

  4. 49

    एवं विलपती बाला विपिनेऽनुगता पतिम् । पतिता पादयोर्भर्तू रुदत्यश्रूण्यवर्तयत् ।। ४-२८-४९ ।।

    That most obedient wife thus fell down at the feet of her dead husband and began to cry pitifully in that solitary forest. Thus the tears rolled down from her eyes. ।। 4-28-49 ।।

  5. 50

    चितिं दारुमयीं चित्वा तस्यां पत्युः कलेवरम् । आदीप्य चानुमरणे विलपन्ती मनो दधे ।। ४-२८-५० ।।

    She then prepared a blazing fire with firewood and placed the dead body of her husband upon it. When this was finished, she lamented severely and prepared herself to perish in the fire with her husband. ।। 4-28-50 ।।