1. 21

    कथं नु दारका दीना दारकीर्वापरायणाः । वर्तिष्यन्ते मयि गते भिन्ननाव इवोदधौ ।। ४-२८-२१ ।।

    King Purañjana continued worrying: “After I pass from this world, how will my sons and daughters, who are now fully dependent on me, live and continue their lives? Their position will be similar to that of passengers aboard a ship wrecked in the midst of the ocean.” ।। 4-28-21 ।।

  2. 22

    एवं कृपणया बुद्ध्या शोचन्तमतदर्हणम् । ग्रहीतुं कृतधीरेनं भयनामाभ्यपद्यत ।। ४-२८-२२ ।।

    Although King Purañjana should not have lamented over the fate of his wife and children, he nonetheless did so due to his miserly intelligence. In the meantime, Yavana-rāja, whose name was fear itself, immediately drew near to arrest him. ।। 4-28-22 ।।

  3. 23

    पशुवद्यवनैरेष नीयमानः स्वकं क्षयम् । अन्वद्रवन्ननुपथाः शोचन्तो भृशमातुराः ।। ४-२८-२३ ।।

    When the Yavanas were taking King Purañjana away to their place, binding him like an animal, the King’s followers became greatly aggrieved. While they lamented, they were forced to go along with him. ।। 4-28-23 ।।

  4. 24

    पुरीं विहायोपगत उपरुद्धो भुजङ्गमः । यदा तमेवानु पुरी विशीर्णा प्रकृतिं गता ।। ४-२८-२४ ।।

    The serpent, who had already been arrested by the soldiers of Yavana-rāja and was out of the city, began to follow his master along with the others. As soon as they all left the city, it was immediately dismantled and smashed to dust. ।। 4-28-24 ।।

  5. 25

    विकृष्यमाणः प्रसभं यवनेन बलीयसा । नाविन्दत्तमसाऽऽविष्टः सखायं सुहृदं पुरः ।। ४-२८-२५ ।।

    When King Purañjana was being dragged with great force by the powerful Yavana, out of his gross ignorance he still could not remember his friend and well-wisher, the Supersoul. ।। 4-28-25 ।।