1. 41

    का नाम वीर विख्यातं वदान्यं प्रियदर्शनम् । न वृणीत प्रियं प्राप्तं मादृशी त्वादृशं पतिम् ।। ४-२५-४१ ।।

    O my dear hero, who in this world will not accept a husband like you? You are so famous, so magnanimous, so beautiful and so easily gotten. ।। 4-25-41 ।।

  2. 42

    कस्या मनस्ते भुवि भोगिभोगयोः स्त्रिया न सज्जेद्भुजयोर्महाभुज । योऽनाथवर्गाधिमलं घृणोद्धतस्मितावलोकेन चरत्यपोहितुम् ।। ४-२५-४२ ।।

    O mighty-armed, who in this world will not be attracted by your arms, which are just like the bodies of serpents? Actually you relieve the distress of husbandless women like us by your attractive smile and your aggressive mercy. We think that you are traveling on the surface of the earth just to benefit us only. ।। 4-25-42 ।।

  3. 43

    नारद उवाच इति तौ दम्पती तत्र समुद्य समयं मिथः । तां प्रविश्य पुरीं राजन् मुमुदाते शतं समाः ।। ४-२५-४३ ।।

    The great sage Nārada continued: My dear King, those two — the man and the woman — supporting one another through mutual understanding, entered that city and enjoyed life for one hundred years. ।। 4-25-43 ।।

  4. 44

    उपगीयमानो ललितं तत्र तत्र च गायकैः । क्रीडन् परिवृतः स्त्रीभिर्ह्रदिनीमाविशच्छुचौ ।। ४-२५-४४ ।।

    Many professional singers used to sing about the glories of King Purañjana and his glorious activities. When it was too hot in the summer, he used to enter a reservoir of water. He would surround himself with many women and enjoy their company. ।। 4-25-44 ।।

  5. 45

    सप्तोपरि कृता द्वारः पुरस्तस्यास्तु द्वे अधः । पृथग्विषयगत्यर्थं तस्यां यः कश्चनेश्वरः ।। ४-२५-४५ ।।

    Of the nine gates in that city, seven were on the surface and two were subterranean. A total of nine doors were constructed, and these led to different places. All the gates were used by the city’s governor. ।। 4-25-45 ।।