1. 26

    का त्वं कञ्जपलाशाक्षि कस्यासीह कुतः सति । इमामुप पुरीं भीरु किं चिकीर्षसि शंस मे ।। ४-२५-२६ ।।

    My dear lotus-eyed, kindly explain to me where you are coming from, who you are, and whose daughter you are. You appear very chaste. What is the purpose of your coming here? What are you trying to do? Please explain all these things to me. ।। 4-25-26 ।।

  2. 27

    क एतेऽनुपथा ये त एकादश महाभटाः । एता वा ललनाः सुभ्रु कोऽयं तेऽहिः पुरःसरः ।। ४-२५-२७ ।।

    My dear lotus-eyed, who are those eleven strong bodyguards with you, and who are those ten specific servants? Who are those women following the ten servants, and who is the snake that is preceding you? ।। 4-25-27 ।।

  3. 28

    त्वं ह्रीर्भवान्यस्यथवाग्रमा पतिं विचिन्वती किं मुनिवद्रहो वने । त्वदङ्घ्रिकामाप्तसमस्तकामं क्व पद्मकोशः पतितः कराग्रात् ।। ४-२५-२८ ।।

    My dear beautiful girl, you are exactly like the goddess of fortune or the wife of Lord Śiva or the goddess of learning, the wife of Lord Brahmā. Although you must be one of them, I see that you are loitering in this forest. Indeed, you are as silent as the great sages. Is it that you are searching after your own husband? Whoever your husband may be, simply by understanding that you are so faithful to him, he will come to possess all opulences. I think you must be the goddess of fortune, but I do not see the lotus flower in your hand. Therefore I am asking you where you have thrown that lotus. ।। 4-25-28 ।।

  4. 29

    नासां वरोर्वन्यतमा भुविस्पृक् पुरीमिमां वीरवरेण साकम् । अर्हस्यलङ्कर्तुमदभ्रकर्मणा लोकं परं श्रीरिव यज्ञपुंसा ।। ४-२५-२९ ।।

    O greatly fortunate one, it appears that you are none of the women I have mentioned because I see that your feet are touching the ground. But if you are some woman of this planet, you can, like the goddess of fortune — who, accompanied by Lord Viṣṇu, increases the beauty of the Vaikuṇṭha planets — also increase the beauty of this city by associating with me. You should understand that I am a great hero and a very powerful king on this planet. ।। 4-25-29 ।।

  5. 30

    यदेष मापाङ्गविखण्डितेन्द्रियं सव्रीडभावस्मितविभ्रमद्भ्रुवा । त्वयोपसृष्टो भगवान् मनोभवः प्रबाधतेऽथानुगृहाण शोभने ।। ४-२५-३० ।।

    Certainly your glancing upon me today has very much agitated my mind. Your smile, which is full of shyness but at the same time lusty, is agitating the most powerful cupid within me. Therefore, O most beautiful, I ask you to be merciful upon me. ।। 4-25-30 ।।