1. 16

    सभाचत्वररथ्याभिराक्रीडायतनापणैः । चैत्यध्वजपताकाभिर्युक्तां विद्रुमवेदिभिः ।। ४-२५-१६ ।।

    In that city there were many assembly houses, street crossings, streets, restaurants, gambling houses, markets, resting places, flags, festoons and beautiful parks. All these surrounded the city. ।। 4-25-16 ।।

  2. 17

    पुर्यास्तु बाह्योपवने दिव्यद्रुमलताकुले । नदद्विहङ्गालिकुलकोलाहलजलाशये ।। ४-२५-१७ ।।

    On the outskirts of that city were many beautiful trees and creepers encircling a nice lake. Also surrounding that lake were many groups of birds and bees that were always chanting and humming. ।। 4-25-17 ।।

  3. 18

    हिमनिर्झरविप्रुष्मत्कुसुमाकरवायुना । चलत्प्रवालविटपनलिनीतटसम्पदि ।। ४-२५-१८ ।।

    The branches of the trees standing on the bank of the lake received particles of water carried by the spring air from the falls coming down from the icy mountain. ।। 4-25-18 ।।

  4. 19

    नानारण्यमृगव्रातैरनाबाधे मुनिव्रतैः । आहूतं मन्यते पान्थो यत्र कोकिलकूजितैः ।। ४-२५-१९ ।।

    In such an atmosphere even the animals of the forest became nonviolent and nonenvious like great sages. Consequently, the animals did not attack anyone. Over and above everything was the cooing of the cuckoos. Any passenger passing along that path was invited by that atmosphere to take rest in that nice garden. ।। 4-25-19 ।।

  5. 20

    यदृच्छयाऽऽगतां तत्र ददर्श प्रमदोत्तमाम् । भृत्यैर्दशभिरायान्तीमेकैकशतनायकैः ।। ४-२५-२० ।।

    While wandering here and there in that wonderful garden, King Purañjana suddenly came in contact with a very beautiful woman who was walking there without any engagement. She had ten servants with her, and each servant had hundreds of wives accompanying him. ।। 4-25-20 ।।