1. 56

    यत्र निर्विष्टमरणं कृतान्तो नाभिमन्यते । विश्वं विध्वंसयन् वीर्यशौर्यविस्फूर्जितभ्रुवा ।। ४-२४-५६ ।।

    Simply by expansion of His eyebrows, invincible time personified can immediately vanquish the entire universe. However, formidable time does not approach the devotee who has taken complete shelter at Your lotus feet. ।। 4-24-56 ।।

  2. 57

    क्षणार्धेनापि तुलये न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् । भगवत्सङ्गिसङ्गस्य मर्त्यानां किमुताशिषः ।। ४-२४-५७ ।।

    If one by chance associates with a devotee, even for a fraction of a moment, he no longer is subject to attraction by the results of karma or jñāna. What interest then can he have in the benedictions of the demigods, who are subject to the laws of birth and death? ।। 4-24-57 ।।

  3. 58

    अथानघाङ्घ्रेस्तव कीर्तितीर्थयोरन्तर्बहिः स्नानविधूतपाप्मनाम् । भूतेष्वनुक्रोशसुसत्त्वशीलिनां स्यात्सङ्गमोऽनुग्रह एष नस्तव ।। ४-२४-५८ ।।

    My dear Lord, Your lotus feet are the cause of all auspicious things and the destroyer of all the contamination of sin. I therefore beg Your Lordship to bless me by the association of Your devotees, who are completely purified by worshiping Your lotus feet and who are so merciful upon the conditioned souls. I think that Your real benediction will be to allow me to associate with such devotees. ।। 4-24-58 ।।

  4. 59

    न यस्य चित्तं बहिरर्थविभ्रमं तमोगुहायां च विशुद्धमाविशत् । यद्भक्तियोगानुगृहीतमञ्जसा मुनिर्विचष्टे ननु तत्र ते गतिम् ।। ४-२४-५९ ।।

    The devotee whose heart has been completely cleansed by the process of devotional service and who is favored by Bhaktidevī does not become bewildered by the external energy, which is just like a dark well. Being completely cleansed of all material contamination in this way, a devotee is able to understand very happily Your name, fame, form, activities, etc. ।। 4-24-59 ।।

  5. 60

    यत्रेदं व्यज्यते विश्वं विश्वस्मिन्नवभाति यत् । तत्त्वं ब्रह्म परञ्ज्योतिराकाशमिव विस्तृतम् ।। ४-२४-६० ।।

    My dear Lord, the impersonal Brahman spreads everywhere, like the sunshine or the sky. And that impersonal Brahman, which spreads throughout the universe and in which the entire universe is manifested, is You. ।। 4-24-60 ।।