1. 51

    श्यामश्रोण्यधिरोचिष्णु दुकूलस्वर्णमेखलम् । समचार्वङ्घ्रिजङ्घोरुनिम्नजानुसुदर्शनम् ।। ४-२४-५१ ।।

    The lower part of the Lord’s waist is dark and covered with yellow garments and a belt bedecked with golden embroidery work. His symmetrical lotus feet and the calves, thighs and joints of His legs are extraordinarily beautiful. Indeed, the Lord’s entire body appears to be well built. ।। 4-24-51 ।।

  2. 52

    पदा शरत्पद्मपलाशरोचिषा नखद्युभिर्नोऽन्तरघं विधुन्वता । प्रदर्शय स्वीयमपास्तसाध्वसं पदं गुरो मार्गगुरुस्तमोजुषाम् ।। ४-२४-५२ ।।

    My dear Lord, Your two lotus feet are so beautiful that they appear like two blossoming petals of the lotus flower which grows during the autumn season. Indeed, the nails of Your lotus feet emanate such a great effulgence that they immediately dissipate all the darkness in the heart of a conditioned soul. My dear Lord, kindly show me that form of Yours which always dissipates all kinds of darkness in the heart of a devotee. My dear Lord, You are the supreme spiritual master of everyone; therefore all conditioned souls covered with the darkness of ignorance can be enlightened by You as the spiritual master. ।। 4-24-52 ।।

  3. 53

    एतद्रूपमनुध्येयमात्मशुद्धिमभीप्सताम् । यद्भक्तियोगोभयदः स्वधर्ममनुतिष्ठताम् ।। ४-२४-५३ ।।

    My dear Lord, those who desire to purify their existence must always engage in meditation upon Your lotus feet, as described above. Those who are serious about executing their occupational duties and who want freedom from fear must take to this process of bhakti-yoga. ।। 4-24-53 ।।

  4. 54

    भवान् भक्तिमता लभ्यो दुर्लभः सर्वदेहिनाम् । स्वाराज्यस्याप्यभिमत एकान्तेनात्मविद्गतिः ।। ४-२४-५४ ।।

    My dear Lord, the king in charge of the heavenly kingdom is also desirous of obtaining the ultimate goal of life — devotional service. Similarly, You are the ultimate destination of those who identify themselves with You [ahaṁ brahmāsmi]. However, it is very difficult for them to attain You, whereas a devotee can very easily attain Your Lordship. ।। 4-24-54 ।।

  5. 55

    तं दुराराध्यमाराध्य सतामपि दुरापया । एकान्तभक्त्या को वाञ्छेत्पादमूलं विना बहिः ।। ४-२४-५५ ।।

    My dear Lord, pure devotional service is even difficult for liberated persons to discharge, but devotional service alone can satisfy You. Who will take to other processes of self-realization if he is actually serious about the perfection of life? ।। 4-24-55 ।।