1. 21

    देहं विपन्नाखिलचेतनादिकं पत्युः पृथिव्या दयितस्य चात्मनः । आलक्ष्य किञ्चिच्च विलप्य सा सती चितामथारोपयदद्रिसानुनि ।। ४-२३-२१ ।।

    When Queen Arci saw that her husband, who had been so merciful to her and the earth, no longer showed symptoms of life, she lamented for a little while and then built a fiery pyre on top of a hill and placed the body of her husband on it. ।। 4-23-21 ।।

  2. 22

    विधाय कृत्यं ह्रदिनीजलाप्लुता दत्त्वोदकं भर्तुरुदारकर्मणः । नत्वा दिविस्थांस्त्रिदशांस्त्रिः परीत्य विवेश वह्निं ध्यायती भर्तृपादौ ।। ४-२३-२२ ।।

    After this, the Queen executed the necessary funerary functions and offered oblations of water. After bathing in the river, she offered obeisances to various demigods situated in the sky in the different planetary systems. She then circumambulated the fire and, while thinking of the lotus feet of her husband, entered its flames. ।। 4-23-22 ।।

  3. 23

    विलोक्यानुगतां साध्वीं पृथुं वीरवरं पतिम् । तुष्टुवुर्वरदा देवैर्देवपत्न्यः सहस्रशः ।। ४-२३-२३ ।।

    After observing this brave act performed by the chaste wife Arci, the wife of the great King Pṛthu, many thousands of the wives of the demigods, along with their husbands, offered prayers to the Queen, for they were very much satisfied. ।। 4-23-23 ।।

  4. 24

    कुर्वत्यः कुसुमासारं तस्मिन् मन्दरसानुनि । नदत्स्वमरतूर्येषु गृणन्ति स्म परस्परम् ।। ४-२३-२४ ।।

    At that time the demigods were situated on the top of Mandara Hill, and all their wives began to shower flowers on the funeral pyre and began to talk amongst themselves as follows. ।। 4-23-24 ।।

  5. 25

    देव्य ऊचुः अहो इयं वधूर्धन्या या चैवं भूभुजां पतिम् । सर्वात्मना पतिं भेजे यज्ञेशं श्रीर्वधूरिव ।। ४-२३-२५ ।।

    The wives of the demigods said: All glories to Queen Arci! We can see that this queen of the great King Pṛthu, the emperor of all the kings of the world, has served her husband with mind, speech and body exactly as the goddess of fortune serves the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Yajñeśa, or Viṣṇu. ।। 4-23-25 ।।