1. 4

    तत्राप्यदाभ्यनियमो वैखानससुसम्मते । आरब्ध उग्रतपसि यथा स्वविजये पुरा ।। ४-२३-४ ।।

    After retiring from family life, Mahārāja Pṛthu strictly followed the regulations of retired life and underwent severe austerities in the forest. He engaged in these activities as seriously as he had formerly engaged in leading the government and conquering everyone. ।। 4-23-4 ।।

  2. 5

    कन्दमूलफलाहारः शुष्कपर्णाशनः क्वचित् । अब्भक्षः कतिचित्पक्षान् वायुभक्षस्ततः परम् ।। ४-२३-५ ।।

    In the tapo-vana, Mahārāja Pṛthu sometimes ate the trunks and roots of trees, sometimes he ate fruit and dried leaves, and for some weeks he drank only water. Finally he lived simply by breathing air. ।। 4-23-5 ।।