1. 26

    यदा रतिर्ब्रह्मणि नैष्ठिकी पुमानाचार्यवान् ज्ञानविरागरंहसा । दहत्यवीर्यं हृदयं जीवकोशं पञ्चात्मकं योनिमिवोत्थितोऽग्निः ।। ४-२२-२६ ।।

    Upon becoming fixed in his attachment to the Supreme Personality of Godhead by the grace of the spiritual master and by awakening knowledge and detachment, the living entity, situated within the heart of the body and covered by the five elements, burns up his material surroundings exactly as fire, arising from wood, burns the wood itself. ।। 4-22-26 ।।

  2. 27

    दग्धाशयो मुक्तसमस्ततद्गुणो नैवात्मनो बहिरन्तर्विचष्टे । परात्मनोर्यद्व्यवधानं पुरस्तात् स्वप्ने यथा पुरुषस्तद्विनाशे ।। ४-२२-२७ ।।

    When a person becomes devoid of all material desires and liberated from all material qualities, he transcends distinctions between actions executed externally and internally. At that time the difference between the soul and the Supersoul, which was existing before self-realization, is annihilated. When a dream is over, there is no longer a distinction between the dream and the dreamer. ।। 4-22-27 ।।

  3. 28

    आत्मानमिन्द्रियार्थं च परं यदुभयोरपि । सत्याशय उपाधौ वै पुमान् पश्यति नान्यदा ।। ४-२२-२८ ।।

    When the soul exists for sense gratification, he creates different desires, and for that reason he becomes subjected to designations. But when one is in the transcendental position, he is no longer interested in anything except fulfilling the desires of the Lord. ।। 4-22-28 ।।

  4. 29

    निमित्ते सति सर्वत्र जलादावपि पूरुषः । आत्मनश्च परस्यापि भिदां पश्यति नान्यदा ।। ४-२२-२९ ।।

    Only because of different causes does a person see a difference between himself and others, just as one sees the reflection of a body appearing differently manifested on water, on oil or in a mirror. ।। 4-22-29 ।।

  5. 30

    इन्द्रियैर्विषयाकृष्टैराक्षिप्तं ध्यायतां मनः । चेतनां हरते बुद्धेः स्तम्बस्तोयमिव ह्रदात् ।। ४-२२-३० ।।

    When one’s mind and senses are attracted to sense objects for enjoyment, the mind becomes agitated. As a result of continually thinking of sense objects, one’s real consciousness almost becomes lost, like the water in a lake that is gradually sucked up by the big grass straws on its bank. ।। 4-22-30 ।।