1. 11

    उदासीनमिवाध्यक्षं द्रव्यज्ञानक्रियात्मनाम् । कूटस्थमिममात्मानं यो वेदाप्नोति शोभनम् ।। ४-२०-११ ।।

    Anyone who knows that this material body, made of the five gross elements, the sense organs, the working senses and the mind, is simply supervised by the fixed soul is eligible to be liberated from material bondage. ।। 4-20-11 ।।

  2. 12

    भिन्नस्य लिङ्गस्य गुणप्रवाहो द्रव्यक्रियाकारकचेतनाऽऽत्मनः । दृष्टासु सम्पत्सु विपत्सु सूरयो न विक्रियन्ते मयि बद्धसौहृदाः ।। ४-२०-१२ ।।

    Lord Viṣṇu told King Pṛthu: My dear King, the constant change of this material world is due to the interaction of the three modes of material nature. The five elements, the senses, the demigods who control the senses, as well as the mind, which is agitated by the spirit soul — all these taken together comprise the body. Since the spirit soul is completely different from this combination of gross and subtle material elements, My devotee who is connected with Me in intense friendship and affection, being completely in knowledge, is never agitated by material happiness and distress. ।। 4-20-12 ।।

  3. 13

    समः समानोत्तममध्यमाधमः सुखे च दुःखे च जितेन्द्रियाशयः । मयोपकॢप्ताखिललोकसंयुतो विधत्स्व वीराखिललोकरक्षणम् ।। ४-२०-१३ ।।

    My dear heroic King, please keep yourself always equipoised and treat people equally, whether they are greater than you, in the intermediate stage or lower than you. Do not be disturbed by temporary distress or happiness. Fully control your mind and senses. In this transcendental position, try to execute your duty as king in whatever condition of life you may be posted by My arrangement, for your only duty here is to give protection to the citizens of your kingdom. ।। 4-20-13 ।।

  4. 14

    श्रेयः प्रजापालनमेव राज्ञो यत्साम्पराये सुकृतात्षष्ठमंशम् । हर्तान्यथा हृतपुण्यः प्रजानामरक्षिता करहारोऽघमत्ति ।। ४-२०-१४ ।।

    To give protection to the general mass of people who are citizens of the state is the prescribed occupational duty for a king. By acting in that way, the king in his next life shares one sixth of the result of the pious activities of the citizens. But a king or executive head of state who simply collects taxes from the citizens but does not give them proper protection as human beings has the results of his own pious activities taken away by the citizens, and in exchange for his not giving protection he becomes liable to punishment for the impious activities of his subjects. ।। 4-20-14 ।।

  5. 15

    एवं द्विजाग्र्यानुमतानुवृत्तधर्मप्रधानोऽन्यतमोऽवितास्याः । ह्रस्वेन कालेन गृहोपयातान्द्रष्टासि सिद्धाननुरक्तलोकः ।। ४-२०-१५ ।।

    Lord Viṣṇu continued: My dear King Pṛthu, if you continue to protect the citizens according to the instructions of the learned brāhmaṇa authorities, as they are received by the disciplic succession — by hearing — from master to disciple, and if you follow the religious principles laid down by them, without attachment to ideas manufactured by mental concoction, then every one of your citizens will be happy and will love you, and very soon you will be able to see such already liberated personalities as the four Kumāras [Sanaka, Sanātana, Sanandana and Sanat-kumāra]. ।। 4-20-15 ।।