1. 11

    एष मे शिष्यतां प्राप्तो यन्मे दुहितुरग्रहीत् । पाणिं विप्राग्निमुखतः सावित्र्या इव साधुवत् ।। ४-२-११ ।।

    He has already accepted himself as my subordinate by marrying my daughter in the presence of fire and brāhmaṇas. He has married my daughter, who is equal to Gāyatrī, and has pretended to be just like an honest person. ।। 4-2-11 ।।

  2. 12

    गृहीत्वा मृगशावाक्ष्याः पाणिं मर्कटलोचनः । प्रत्युत्थानाभिवादार्हे वाचाप्यकृत नोचितम् ।। ४-२-१२ ।।

    He has eyes like a monkey’s, yet he has married my daughter, whose eyes are just like those of a deer cub. Nevertheless he did not stand up to receive me, nor did he think it fit to welcome me with sweet words. ।। 4-2-12 ।।

  3. 13

    लुप्तक्रियायाशुचये मानिने भिन्नसेतवे । अनिच्छन्नप्यदां बालां शूद्रायेवोशतीं गिरम् ।। ४-२-१३ ।।

    I had no desire to give my daughter to this person, who has broken all rules of civility. Because of not observing the required rules and regulations, he is impure, but I was obliged to hand over my daughter to him just as one teaches the messages of the Vedas to a śūdra. ।। 4-2-13 ।।

  4. 14

    प्रेतावासेषु घोरेषु प्रेतैर्भूतगणैर्वृतः । अटत्युन्मत्तवन्नग्नो व्युप्तकेशो हसन् रुदन् ।। ४-२-१४ ।।

    He lives in filthy places like crematoriums, and his companions are the ghosts and demons. Naked like a madman, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, ।। 4-2-14 ।।

  5. 15

    चिताभस्मकृतस्नानः प्रेतस्रङ् न्रस्थिभूषणः । शिवापदेशो ह्यशिवो मत्तो मत्तजनप्रियः । पतिः प्रमथभूतानां तमोमात्रात्मकात्मनाम् ।। ४-२-१५ ।।

    He smears crematorium ashes all over his body. He does not bathe regularly, and he ornaments his body with a garland of skulls and bones. Therefore only in name is he śiva, or auspicious; actually, he is the most mad and inauspicious creature. Thus he is very dear to crazy beings in the gross mode of ignorance, and he is their leader. ।। 4-2-15 ।।